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Did a bit of harvesting yesterday.
The beets are few – but tasty!

wpid-img_4093-2012-09-16-18-44.jpgIt’s Monday and …
Remember that crazy declaration I made some weeks ago about “turning over a new leaf” and really buckling down to rededicate myself to the writing of that there Novel in Progress… or whatevs?

Well, I haven’t erased the embarrassing post.
And I do feel like this is a fresh new year — with much to be harvested, so…here I am to fess up to how my week went.

I re-looked over the schedule of my “dream day” – and, well… I totally haven’t had one of those yet.

I’m not up that early yet – more like 8am or so.
The shack is chilly in the morning these days – so the morning yoga has only happened a few times.
It’s not QUITE chilly enough for a fire. Therein lies the problem. Once it is truly cold, perhaps I will shift into:

  • Get up
  • Light the fire and make coffee
  • Do my scribble (which, these days is taking about an hour)
  • THEN do some yoga

heh heh.

See – I can’t HELP but make lists/goals – dream of being more disciplined..

So… I only managed to hit my mat a few times this week and the guitar remains dusty but the GOOD NEWS is..

I have indeed climbed back into the NIP (novel in progress) and things are moving along at a nice steady pace – day by day.

I backed up and had a read-through to get back into the world of Miss Izzy and the gang — and this week, I have managed to add at LEAST 1000 new words per day to the manuscript.

I’m not big on the word counting thing – I know it doesn’t mean much.
But for me, right now, it is a way to measure and to insure that I get my butt in the chair and move the story forward every day.

This is what I need to do right now. I need to take what I learned with Gal and the gang and use that spirit of “yes let’s” to see where this other set of characters wants to go. I will go back… later… and craft things, of course. But for now, I really feel that I must push ahead.
It feels good to be hunched over, planting the rows of words that will hopefully blossom into a tale worth telling.
I’ll do the weeding when it’s time and hope for a fruitful harvest.

A good friend sent me a note the other day. We’d been talking, a bit about where I’m at with things and he said, “As an old friend once told me after he finished a play, ‘In the second act I just hip-waded it through the marshes.’ Maybe some hip-wading is permissible.”

He nailed it.
That is exactly where I am right now with this story – hip-wading it through the marshes.

Most days, I do a few hours and get more than the 1000 word minimum I have set for myself.
Some days they come easy and some days they come hard.
But they come.

That’s the most important thing.

I also do some work on notes outside of the “new words” and I carry on with other “writerly biz” along the way.

Two interesting things I’ve signed up for:

A live video talk by Salman Rushdie being put on by Goodreads – Sept 19th.

And a PD workshop/webinar on How to be Your Own Publicist with TWUC (The Writer’s Union of Canada) – Nov 16

How was your week – writing wise? Or yoga wise? or just plain old LIFE wise?
I hope it was good and I wish you a fabulous Monday and hereby blow a breath of fresh air over any new endeavors you’ve undertaken.

Thanks for stopping by.
Go easy -p