Women Who Kick #3: Kate Daniels (Magic Burns)

“When not sure where to go, barrel forward on pure determination.” -Kate Daniels

One more tasty tasty treat for the 2013 Feminist Reads Challenge hosted by Sara over at The Hiding Spot to finish off my January reads. Fun fun fun.

Magic Burns (Kate Daniels, #2)Magic Burns by Ilona Andrews

We have another winner!!!

A sword wielding Mercenary who cleans up after magical messes and has a soft spot for homeless waifs… my kind of gal.

Continuing on my binge of battling babes in fantasy lands, I read this one on a recommend from Ms Zoë Marriott.

She is wise this Mz Marriott…wise wise wise… I tell ya.

What I like best in this one is that…

Kate would totally be my friend if we lived in the same world. Seriously. I can tell.

It’s mostly her sense of humour. And her pop references are all… incredibly familiar. In fact, they are totally things that might, in fact, pop out of my mouth if I found myself caught in similar situations. Totally.

Heyyyyy….. have you ever seen the two of us in the same room? Maybe I am a sarcastic sword wielding merc who has a soft spot for…

oh wait…

I don’t believe I’m near as HOT as Kate Daniels.

Ah well… Maybe she can just be my imaginary bff for a while.

Now, I do understand that just because a gal can kick some butt, doesn’t necessarily make her a feminist… Kate has the added bonus of also being bright and snarky and there is a lovely relationship that develops between Kate and the wee waif, Julie who has fallen in lurve with a bad bad boy.  It is painful to watch and no matter how much Kate or anyone else tells her otherwise… Julie has to come to her own wisdom on this one.  That’s a nice touch.  And a good message.

Don’t let anyone take your power.


So glad I found this series. Mmmmmm series….
Mmmmm more books with a funny kickass heroine to curl up with as the winter storms rage around me. It is good.

And for my own work, I take the following from this read:
Have some fun — and hey… sexy can be funny too.
I like that.
I’m not so good with writing the … sexy bits. Building that tension.
I could work on this.

go easy, my friends -p

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