Meditative Monkey - Resistance (P Bustin 2013)Today’s Thought from the Meditative Monkey:

“What you resist – persists!”

It’s simple, really.

You know that old trick where you tell someone not to think about an elephant – that they can think of anything in the universe except an elephant – and then you watch them squirm as herds of elephants dance through their heads?

It’s like that.

When we sit and seek the silent still place, our monkey mind goes wild with thoughts of this and that and the other.  Boinga-boinga-boinga-boing.

But you know what?  That’s OK.  It’s just what minds do. They run on and on and on like chatty Auntie Cathy with some tasty gossip from down the lane.

Resistance is futile.

The more you resist or fight against these seeming “intrusions”, the deeper they will dig in.  Like a burr.  Like a tick slipping beneath your skin.  Burrow burrow burrow… Itch itch itch.

It’s enough to drive you off your mat (or cushion, or chair, or path you are walking…. however/wherever you meditate).

So how about this.

Stop fighting.

Take a step to the left and just… let them be.

Let them drift on through.  Don’t go to battle with them.  Just…don’t… engage.

It’s just a thought.

It’s just a story you are telling yourself.

Ride the breath.

Sink into the stillness.

Don’t worry about the Monkey.  You can dance with her later.

The Monkey is always with us.

go easy ~p