Shake and Bake 62 – Howling at the Full Wolf Moon

original artwork by Randy Russell.

Full Wolf Moon – Time of the Awakened Heart according to April Elliot Kent over at one of my newest favourite sites –  Big Sky Astrology.

In her article on this month’s full moon, she notes:

Sometimes we’re fortunate enough to encounter these luminescent, warm-hearted, Buddha-like souls in real life — the wise elder, the avuncular grandfather, the fun-loving friend who never met a stranger— and it’s as healing as a comfortable nap in front of a roaring fire. Interestingly, these are never people whom life has spared from difficulty and fear. In fact, it’s because they’ve faced life’s problems and retained a hopeful, positive Jupiterian presence that they reassure us we can do the same. “We all get older, we’re frail and afraid,” their manner implies, “but it will be okay as long as we help each other out. We just have to be there for one another. We just have to be there for ourselves.”

I love that.

It’s what it is all about, after all.  Like Mark Vonnegut said… ‘We’re here to get each other through this thing, whatever it is.’


Reviewing Intentions

As I ponder the full moon tonight, I will be thinking over the intentions I set at the beginning of this moonth.  Seeing if anything needs tweaking.  Seeing where I can take a stronger action to achieve my goals.  So far I seem to be ticking along pretty good on all fronts – with more work ahead in each area.

Still having a difficult time settling in to WORK on Sanctuary.  But I have made a start. Again.  And I believe I have a good plan of work laid out for myself.  A way through the draft and towards a solid ReVision.  This morning I was thinking…

“I have the story.  I have it all right here.  Now I just need to find the BEST way to tell it.” 

In my wildest fantasy moments I imagine myself reading through this draft and then having an “Ah HA!” moment and sitting down to write it all over again – but INSANELY QUICKLY.  That would be fantabulous.  But it ain’t the way it really works.  Sigh oh sigh.

On I go.


Things to Release?

The other thing I am doing today is thinking about what it is that I might be able to release as the moon begins to wane.  Anything that might actually be holding me back or tripping me up.  The thing that keeps coming to mind is…this incessant NEED for templates and checklists.  Not sure I’m entirely ready to toss out all my “trackings” of life, but I begin to see that I desire something else.

I imagine a time when I will just… go about my day… working at this and that… flowing along with whatever the universe puts in my path and then, at days end, taking a few moments to look back and acknowledge the hard and the good and to see the elements dancing with me through it all. More… free-flow.  Less templates and checklists.

That said… I’m not there quite yet… so I continue with my Daily Chickens.


In my Shake and Bake 61 – I spoke of my search for a way to incorporate some kind of … system for noticing/observing/paying attention to the Elements as they appear in my life.  I continue to play with this… feeling my way through.  There was a great comment from Polyphanes over at the Digital Rambler (another new FAVE).  He sent me off to explore Cornelius Agrippa’s Scale of Five and how he relates the senses to the elements.  I immediately felt that his pairing of FIRE with VISION was bang on.  And I also totally see that pairing Spririt with the sense of smell as connected to the burnt offerings sent up to “the gods”  But I think, for me, for now anyhow – I still feel that SCENT matches up with AIR and I will pair HEARING with SPIRIT.  This is a big year of listening for me.  And it feels … well heck… very spiritual.  As though I am listening for guidance from my own spirit or from a higher source.  So… I’ll swing with this matching for now.

I’m also still wrestling with the matching up of… areas of life (home, relationships, work, health, spirituality) with the elements.  Still not feeling quite right… sigh.  Ah well… it’s all a work in progress.

Here’s what I’m working with for this quarter.

Θ (theta) earth – home – touch

Φ (phi) air – relationships – scent

Χ (chi) fire – work – vision

Ξ (ksi) water – health – taste

Ψ (psi) quintessence – spirit – hearing


Und now… on to the Shaking and Baking of this last quarter.

The HardEST

  • Θ
    Let us count “home” as family as well this time.  A hard hard worrying thing that took us to into Medical Land.  Fears barely acknowledged but deeply felt.
  • Φ
    Took me long and long to get a letter begun that I really really WANTED to write.  Just procrastination…avoidance… dunno.
  • Χ
    Same as above – so much procrastination and use of distractions.  Even “good” ones, like writing this blog.  All the things that keep me from working on Sanctuary.  And then… the guilt the guilt the guilt.
  • Ξ 
    Food bizness.  The late night snack attacks.  Ooof.  And the upset digestive system that goes along with them.
  • Ψ
    Missing sits.  Hardest to get to the evening sit.  Hard to sit while we were on the road.  Must work harder to make it a SOLID part of my days.

The GOODest

  • Θ
    Such relief and joy at the sorting out of at least ONE of the Medical Things that was holding me fearfilled.  Blessings blessing blessings abound.
  • Φ
    Long as it took me to get STARTED on that there letter – I DID get started. Huzzah.  And huzzah also for the return to social media.  There are many great friends I missed during my time away.
  • Χ
    The work IS happening.  And the plan of work is SOUND.
  • Ξ 
    Breakfast eating remains constant so far.  It’s a bit of a miracle. Wheee!
  • Ψ
    Sits.  My mind is still a wandering wandering monkey… but I am really loving the sits overall.  Finding my way… finding my way.  And when I finally settle and the mind comes to focus and lets go of the chatter – ahhhhhh. So worth it.


And, with that… I do believe it is time now for me to go and sit on my lovely purple pillow.

Sending wishes for a lovely full moon time for you.

May you be full to bursting with creativity, energy and VERVE.

Thanks for popping by.

Go easy ~p

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