Fellow Travelers in the sense that we are all “card carrying” members of the Blog-o-sphere, of course.  I make no assumptions about your politics. 🙂

Thanks for popping over. And a huge thanks to Vicki over at 2 Bags Full for this shindig together. Isn’t she amazing?

I found out about the party through an amazing blog I follow called The Deepest Well.  Aine’s writing is always food for my soul.  I hope you hop over to her place too. It’s well worth the click.

~~o~~    OK – on with my party post.    ~~o~~

This is me…

My name is Pam and I’m a writer, living up in Northern Ontario, Canada.

I started out as an actor turned playwright and then slipped over into writing fiction with a novel called Mostly Happy (published in 2008).  I’ve also had a few essays published.  Right now I’m at work on my second novel.

I’m fairly new to blogging.  I’ve only been at it for about a year.

I feel like I am still finding my way as to “what this blog is”.

The blogs I love and return to are all… people writing about how they get through the days.  What they think about.  What they are creating.  What keeps them up at night.

I bop around and find blog posts about “the best app EVER” or “How to Plot Your Bestseller” but the blogs that hold me are the ones that not trying to … sell me anything.  The blogs I adore are the ones aimed at simply … communicating.  I love my daily hit of The Deepest Well and when something from Jaqueline over at Bliss in Images lands in my inbox… I make a cup of tea and settle in to bathe in beauty.

I love the worlds these women have created, and I hope that is the type of blog I am building.

I guess what I crave most is… contact… an ongoing discussion… company along the road.

My biggest thrill is running across a blog I love and beginning a new friendship.  That’s why I am so glad to be with you all today – hopping from blog to blog… reading… listening… looking…soaking it all up.

Thanks again for stopping by.
I’d love it if you’d leave a comment, just to “say hello” or drop me a line.  Especially because I might not make it to all… (what was it?)… 500 blogs involved in the partay. I promise I’ll hop over to your world if you leave me some breadcrumbs to follow.

Mostly I wish you a wonderful weekend of discovering new blogs, new friends and having many a laugh.

May your heart be warmed.

go easy ~p


Oh and in case you need an EYE break and just want to hear a lovely tune… here’s one I just discovered and used in my last post.  It’s so wonderful I’m gonna play it again.

Happy hopping.

PS – Here’s a link to to the BIG LIST over on 2 Bags Full- over 600 bloggers at this shaker!