RandomLand 1: Because… NUMBER5

Hey there Sweeties…

It’s Friday and I’ve decided to embrace some new RANDOM fun by hopping aboard Random 5 Friday over at A Rural Journal.


  • A. the picture above is so darned cute I simply HAD to play and…
  • B.  I’m working towards noticing and celebrating what one of my characters calls the Sacred Random when it shows up in my life and…
  • C. FIVES are also incredibly important to some characters I am playing with … and to me these days – Five elements, Five senses… five five five five five.  This is the year of FIVE.

The idea is to post 5 random facts about… pretty much anything…. and then to share the link over on the Rural Journal site.  Tis fun, n’est pas? Here goes…


1. Gigglefest confession

Jenna and Kenneth celebrate…. The Movie (NBC)

I cannot say “A Rural Journal” without bringing to mind Tina Fey and the hilarious episode of 30 Rock where Jenna is in a movie whose title no one can understand…. Can you name the movie?  anyone? anyone?

2. Look what I won!

Just found out this morning that I am the proud winner of a fabulous pendant featuring one of my all time sHeroines – the rootenest-tootenest sharp-shootenest gal of the west – Annie Oakley! Born Phoebe Ann Moses (or Mosey) in Darke County Ohio, it’s been said that Annie could shoot the head off a running quail when she was twelve years old. My kinda gal!

Annie Oakley Pendant – by Tanya over at http://beadandneedle.blogspot.ca

Much thanks to Tanya for the fabulous give-away and to Vicki over at 2 Bags Full for hosting the 2014 Grow Your Blog party which is how I met Vicki and entered to WIN.

3. Rising Early actually feels pretty good.

sunrise 2.11.14Lately I have been rising at 5am.

My body underwent a crazy shift a few years back from night-owl to strangely wakeful morning woman.

I’m still learning to embrace the change and enjoy the sunrise from THIS side.

It helps with the “getting things done” too.

4. Numbers

Found on a Discover Mag post: Primal Madness… Click the pic to go to the article

I apparently have a deep seated NEED to NUMBER things.  I number the Shake n Bakes, and now I number this post…. in the hopes, no doubt, that by NUMBERING them I will feel a wee push to… keep on doing it weekly.

Ah the games I play with mySelf.

5. Did you know…

FIVE is the holy number of Discordianism, as dictated by the Law of Fives.

Is this a “real” religion?  Dunno, man – but it sure tickles my RANDOMbone.

Symbol of Discordia by Duubhglas over at DeviantArt (click the pic to go to his gallery)


There you have it – our first official visit to RandomLand.  May there be many adventures to follow.

Have a great weekend ~p

12 Comments on “RandomLand 1: Because… NUMBER5

  1. Quite interesting Randoms!! I love that Annie Oakley pendant. I’m a little jealous that you won that 🙂

    • I am totally going to Swan About in my new pendant.
      I shall be the grooviest gal in town.

      Love that you say you are “way too happy” lately in your latest Random…. Made me smile.

    • Hey Jeanne…it’s true… I AM doing well, aren’t I? Doesn’t always feel that way – but tis true, tis true.

      And I am grateful for it, too.

  2. Lucky you, that pendent seems perfect for you. I have always been a morning person yet 2 of my 3 sons are night owls…go figure!

    • Hey Nancy – thanks for creating and hosting these Random 5 Fridays.
      I hope to carry on playing and meeting new folks along the way.
      Thanks for popping over.

  3. This so darn cute. I just recently posted the Random number generator you will find it At the bottom of blog. Fur further use’s in later post. But, My husband and myself favorite number is five. It just canny that I found your post today about five. Loved the read. Oh by the way great win on the pendant. if your interested there is 113 Posted winners of the GYBP party http://overboardcreations.blogspot.com/2014/02/grow-your-blog-party-giveaway-has-115.html/ again congratulations on your win. You can post your comment and congratulations to the winners

    • Hey There Overboard – thanks for popping by.
      Very cool that you found this post when your favourite # is 5.
      And also great that you created a post to celebrate all the winners from the GYB party.

      Have fun growing YOUR blog! It looks like you are hard at work.

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