Shake and Bake 78 – Trudge Trudge ZOOM

Shake and Bakes are my quarterly life/work check-ins (CHICKENS!) It’s my way of shaking off the “bad” and baking in the “good”  It’s about gratitude, paying attention and living by the moon. Much thanks to HAVI over at the Fluent Self for inspiration and to APRIL at Big Sky Astrology for her monthly Working with the Moon booklets.

~~o~~ Full BRIGHT Moon (in Scorpio) ~~o~~

Hullo Ducks

It’s May 15 and…it is snowing.  And sticking.

Snowing all over the freshly uncovered kayaks and the boat down by the FINALLY FREE OF ICE river.


It’s been a week of… hard slogging, suckage and avoidance for me on the Novel writing front.  But I hung in and today… today… I feel the sun coming out even as the snow blows round outside my window.  Praise the muse!

I stayed offline yesterday.  It was a nice rest.  I want to do it more!

This morning in the Scrib I was musing about how I’ve done it again – taken on too many things, when I already KNOW the things that are most necessary to my happiness and the happiness of those I love.  I still find myself reaching for wisdom outside of myself…. a bit more than I would like.  It’s all good, but it gets so freaking NOISY in here with all the other voices.  Heh heh.  Anyhow… I continue on with my 40 day challenges.  12 days to go (counting today) and then… I shall re-asses things.

Hopping online today to check in with pals and do a quick Shake n Bake.

The Quick Chicken (The Doings that help me with the Being):

the TRUE basics….as I realized today.

  • Scribble
  • Work hours
  • Sit
  • Walk
  • Eat well

And love my people.

The rest… is so much gravy.


A Review of… the Hard and the good of this last week

The Hard

  • Being lost and flailing about for DAYS in the novel
  • Body aches – age and cold
  • Longing longing longing for sun and warmth
  • insomnia insomnia insomnia
  • doubting… doubting… deep down doubting

The Good

  • Birthday fun with friends and family – cakes and dinners and packets of LOVE from far afield
  • The ice is off the river and the boats are IN
  • Our first boat ride out for dinner with pals – old and new
  • My first shifts of working in the writing shack for the year (Yay for Little Buddy! my new propane heater)
  • Today – working today in the book and finding the words coming more easily…. I may just find my way through after all

Crazy RANDOM fabulousness

The Hoover TwinTUB
The Hoover TwinTUB

Friends from across the bay came over by boat yesterday bearing a beautiful little washing machine with a spin dryer on it.  We can fill it with the hose once we get the pump in and I will be able to do laundry at home in wee batches.  It’s a MIRACLE!

They also brought coffee.

I love them.


And now…. I am signing off because the snow has created a cozy cozy opening in our plan for today.  Instead of working out in the yard – we are going to make dim sum and watch some movies that arrived in one of our bundles of love.

Wishing you all a wonderful week.

go easy ~p



3 Comments on “Shake and Bake 78 – Trudge Trudge ZOOM

  1. whoa! hectic! but as you know it is the friction between two pieces of wood or flint which creates the spark that sets the fire!!

    • Oh yes! Thanks for this reminder Herttiene…. And it arrived so timely – dashing here and there doing this and that and popped on here to do something and found this.


      And…. I shall pause soon and sit by the fire to enjoy my lunch.

      Here’s to the flames! ~p

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