Deepening… Working with the moon and the five elements to deepen our Practices


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If you’ve spent any time cruising around the blog, you know that I’ve been working closely this year with the elements and the phases of the moon. I’ve also been exploring … intentions. Starting back with the first Shake n Bakes – I had a weekly experiment/intention/adventure/focus. I am now splashing around in Leo Babauta‘s Sea Change program where we focus on developing/deepening one “habit” per month. I am liking this pace.

I belong to a group within the Sea Change program called SpiritWalkers, and our fearless leader recently brought up the idea of using the four elements as a way to focus each week as we work on our new habits. The idea sang out for me and I knew I wanted to give it a shot. He has his own system worked out:

“How I feel and what I think, what I say and what I do and created the four elements for mindful habits. In the end, these are just a synthesis of good ideas from other people, but I am looking forward to trying them out. Just for fun I added a Greek element in brackets to each element. Here they are:

  1. Mindful Compassion (Fire) – Be kind to yourself and others. Open your heart.
  2. Mindful Thought (Earth) – Use good judgment. Choose well.
  3. Mindful Speech (Air) – Be impeccable with your word. Listen.
  4. Mindful Action (Water) – Always do your best. Be fully present.”

I love it. Especially the drilling down to the four Actions of Feel Think Say and Do. Awesome. Clear. Simple.

Of course I have my own kooky correspondences so I’m working on a way of incorporating the phases of the moon, the directions and elements to deepen my habits and practices.

I read a lot in different wisdom traditions – Wiccan, Native American, Buddhist, Christian and Shamanic… whatever comes across my path. I am grateful for this foundation and all the wisdom gleaned.  I read and study, but I’ve also been working it all out for myself as I go along – absorbing, ruminating, watching the wheel of the year turn on my own little patch of earth and in this body and mind that I inhabit.

The correspondences below are of my own creation – from this spot on earth as they have been revealing themselves to me – through direct experience.

I am learning so much about myself by… slowing down… and focusing in on ONE practice/habit per month. I think this further zeroing in of focus each week can only deepen my awareness – Setting one intention/focus for the month with a special LENS on each week – moving through the elements (and the actions).

So… let’s look at where I am right now with the energy I am feeling from the moon phases…

Moon Phases:

New Moon: renewal, cleansing, planting, setting goals and intentions.

1st quarter (waxing): build, increase, be fertile.

Full Moon: highest energy, creativity, review, release.

Last Quarter (waning): untangle, decrease,

Dark Moon: Rest.

And let’s take that and combine it with the Elements and the Actions:


The alchemical symbol for EarthNorth ~ Θ (theta) earth – home – touch – body

Beginning at the New Moon I will put my focus on DOING.

Set the intention of developing the habit/practice and paying attention to how it feels in the body and affects the outer world of home and hearth.


East ~ Φ (phi) air – relationships – scent – mindThe alchemical symbol for Air

As we move past the 1st 1/4, I will shift my focus to the THOUGHTS I have while doing the habit/practice.

Noticing what thoughts bubble up for me and also noticing how the practice affects those around me and my relationships.


The alchemical symbol for FireSouth ~ Χ (chi) fire – work – vision – will

At the Full Moon, I will take a pause to review, readjust, and release anything that needs Letting Go.

I will take a look at how the practice is affecting/influencing my work with special attention to what I SAY – about the habit, but also being aware of the concept of “right speech” in general.


West ~ Ξ (ksi) water – health – taste – emotionsThe alchemical symbol for Water

Moving into the Last 1/4, I will focus on how I FEEL about the practice. What emotions are rising up now that I have been working closely with this habit for a few weeks?

I will also note any changes in overall health and wellness.


4 directionsAbove/Below/All Round ~ The Fifth ~ Ψ (psi) quintessence – spirit – hearing/listening

Just before the Dark Moon, I will take time to look over the previous 4 posts and bring them together in a synthesis of what I have gleaned and take a look at how I wish to move forward with the practice.

On the actual Dark Moon – I will allow myself to rest.


Seems doable, no? I’ll keep you posted on how it all shakes out.

Working this all out is making a TAD late with this moonth’s New Moon post.  I might get to it today, as well, but first… I do believe it is time to head outside and soak up some sun.

Thanks for stopping by.

go easy ~p

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