VIDEO: Pam’s Top 5 Tips for 3DNC Prep (with Mulligan)

Hullo peoples.

It’s that time of year again….

Time to get myself (and anyone else who wants to play) geared up for the 3Day Novel Contest (3DNC).  I decided to make a wee “top five tips” video this year.

I was originally planning to cut in some photos just to break up the yada-yada-yada… but then I decided I liked the way the whole thing flowed.  So… here’s some silly hats that I’ve worn during the contest (it’s a slide show – click on the first pic and it should run).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s a couple of my favourite 3day ensembles…both with PJ pants….

IMG_4834 3daynoveloutfit.jpg

and…. the infamous Writer Jacket – for that all important editing session on the Monday of each contest.

editing a 3day novel in my Writer Jacket and pjs
editing a 3day novel in my Writer Jacket and pjs

Ahhh… I love this contest.

Now… to come up with an idea of what to write this year…..

Drop by the 2016 Chatzone if you’re thinking of jumping in to the contest this year.  Be great to meet you.

go easy ~p

5 Comments on “VIDEO: Pam’s Top 5 Tips for 3DNC Prep (with Mulligan)

  1. How fun! Never heard of this before. I must admit that I would not be able to do this so I have no suggestions as to what to write about. That said, would love to read your past writings. Good luck and have fun!

    • Hey Diane
      This will be my…um…. fifth time doing the contest (I think). It is such a blast!
      And there is a great bunch of people who do it along with me. We’ve really become true friends over the years.
      It is the only weekend I GUARD for mySELF each year.

  2. You are so lovely on camera! And so brave… booohoooo three days for a novel…. scaaaaary.

    • Hey Hols
      Thank-ye Thank-ye! It was fun to make.
      I actually find the 3day more fun than NaNoWriMo – the intensity of the 3days is such a…. blow out. Somehow it is a relief or a break or something from my usual….plodding manner of writing. Heh heh.

      WildMind RULES!!!

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