… in Peñita de Jaltemba

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A bittersweet day in La Penita….
We took a ride with Rod into Puerto Vallarta. A sweet ride, but a sadness in that the reason for the ride was that our new pals, Val and Dale, were heading out to catch the plane home to Saskatoon.

Last night, we had the pleasure of hearing them jam with Rod over at a lovely casa where freinds are staying. Twas grand.

They arrived at La Penita the day before us, and we are staying one more day before heading out to Mexico City.

What a great visit it has been. Rod and Sharyn have been fantabulous hosts and it was great spending time with them and getting to know Val and Dale.

Highlights included….

  • The first night dart tournament that introduced us to a passle of fun folks up on the roof
  • My morning yoga sessions with Sharyn and Sue as the sun rose
  • The Global Gas man – whose cry rang out like a Call to Prayer each morning
  • Doing the Walk Against Cancer with Sharyn (and enjoying the wild dancing afterwards)
  • Market visits and…the best souvenir ever – A LIME SQUEEZER
  • The big Carnival and Mardi Gras parade and party to mark the last days before Lent
  • Walks over to Guayabitos and back along the beach (especially yesterday, when the Raggedy Man and I braved the incoming tide and surprised a beautiful young Mexican couple having a wee snuggle amongst the rocks)
  • A day out @ Chacala beach and our trek to see the Petroglyphs near Alta Vista. Sadly the petroglyphs have been …raided. Huge chunks of rock chiselled off. Made us so sad. There are still a few. Pics of beach and one very cool petroglyph are in the camera for later posting.
  • Sundowners on rooftops with toute la gang
  • Wonderful dinners prepared by Rod and Sharyn and shared with them and Val and Dale
  • The Raggedy Man finding a not so quiet refuge where he did mucho research on two upcoming projects and….. Buying a pair of huaraches to replace the pair he bought in Guadalajara in 1974
  • And……The birds the birds the birds… ( M got a great shot of birds and fishermen but….yep…. On the camera)

I’ve loved it all…

Not may shots taken with the ipad. But here’s a few from a sunrise morning alone on the roof….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Rod often watches planes fly over from the rooftop. He can tell if they are Happy planes or Sad planes by the direction they are flying. Happy planes are coming South, Sad planes…..are headed North again.

My cold is lightening, and the plan is to catch a night bus down to Mexico City tomorrow. It will be hard to leave these good folks.

And on that note…. I do belive it is time for Happy Hour / Sundowners on the roof.

Via con Dios, mi amigas ~p

Some linky fun for La Penita pics and such….

La Penita Fishermen: great shots by “Johan” http://jaltembajalapeno.com/2014/05/07/la-penita-fishermen/

The Jaltemba Bay Walk Against Cancer – watch the video and look for me near the front in my cowboy hat 🙂

And :
( Sharyn in line for hamburgers in the third shot)

A blog post from 2012 of a hike to see the Petroglyphs near Alta Vista: http://jaltembabaylife.com/blog/2012/12/hiking-the-petroglyphs-at-alta-vista/

The party Pam missed cause she was sick abed with that dratted cold:

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