15 Days to the 3DNC: Adventures in ReVision or Taking Care of Our Own … Fecal Matter

Hulloo Hallay – it’s been a downsy-upsy sort of day on the bay.

Woke with the fears hanging all over me.  The fears that…

It’s gone.

If I ever had a talent for writing…. it is gone.

This was brought home to me by the fact that the story I’ve been working on for the past few days is STINK-KAY!  Iccky.  Not good. Lame.  and … so on.

It was a good idea, but… I just couldn’t do it.  The words were just all wrong and it… well…. it sucked.  Most of it.  Almost all of it.


I proceeded to do everything I could possibly think of to AVOID working on the smelly ole thing.

I snooped around online for at least an hour seeking new long johns… preferably merino wool… preferably not a million dollars… cuz lord knows I wanna be warm this coming winter but lord also knows I’m flat as a patty-cake pancake cash wise. I found some likely looking beauties, but I didn’t order any.  Like I said.  Broke like a 57 Chevy rotting in the back pasture.

I did the dishes and washed the kitchen floor.

home sweet home
home sweet home

Did I mention that our wonderful shaky-shack on the shores of the Kebsquasheshing has no running water?  It was WORK to  pump and heat that water for the dishes and the floor and then…

Well then I decided to tackle the composting toilet.  Cause… yeah… if you don’t have running water you don’t have a flush toilet and if you don’t have a flush toilet then someone needs to take care of that shit.  LITERALLY.

I’ve been meaning to give the toilet a good cleaning for a long while.  Today was the day.

And, y’know what?  It felt good to take care of that shit.  And all the other shit.

And I felt my spirits lifting.

I washed up and ate some soup and then I went for a walk and then I came home and …

Set my timer for 2 hours and got the hell back to work on my story.

I just finished a shiny new draft.

I’m gonna print it out and let it sit overnight.  Then I’m gonna look at it in the morning and hope hope hope that I don’t HATE IT as much as I hated the last draft.Composting Toilet Hooray!

Cuz that’s what we have to do.

We have to take care of all our shit – including our writing.

Now… how was your day?

go easy ~p

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