Todays Gatherings: Exploring the Heroine’s Journey (another 3 Day Novel post)

Hullo Sweeties.

My "office" this morning (Poetry is the The Thunderbird Poems by Armand Garnet Ruffo - fantastic stuff!)
My “office” this morning (Poetry is the The Thunderbird Poems by Armand Garnet Ruffo – fantastic stuff!)

Woke this morning with two thoughts rolling around in my head.

The first was put there by a friend on the ole f-book.  She mentioned Daphne as one of her favourite “transformation” myths.  This sang to me, though, at that moment, I couldn’t remember the myth at all at all.

I remembered it in my tossy-turny sleep.

I hungered to read it again, and to read more of these transformational myths.

I also had a not so tiny voice screaming in my brain that “IN TWO WEEKS YOU WILL BE WRITING MADLY! RIGHT?  RIGHT?? HOW WILL YOU WRITE??!”

Yes yes… the urge is upon me to play with the document on my computer called “Outlining Thots.”  This is a 13page document that is chock full of… ways to outline.  Ways to break down that plot and get a grip on that slippery story.  Or in my case… a few sneaky ways to try to pry the story out of that voice in your head who promises she will show up on the day, but isn’t too fond of telling you what she will say.  “Spoilers, Sweety.”

My favourite go to method of … trying to talk to my character… has boiled down to a “simple” (heh heh) 8 point exploration.

8 Step Journey

  1. And our Heroine is…:
  1. Something ain’t quite right…:
  1. Crossing the Threshold:
  1. The Road of Trials:
  1. Meeting the Goddess
  1. Losing her Mentor:
  1. Return:
  1. Change:

I believe it was originally gleaned from this great article by Dan Harmon:Story Structure 104: The Juicy Details

I had to go and look that up cuz I lost the bookmark somewhere along the way.

And while I was at it, I found these tasty bits for further perusal this weekend.

A lovely concise post on The Heroine’s Journey by Theodora Goss.

A fascinating essay by Florence Vandendorpe on Innana’s Descent: Healing With Myth.

A trippy lil piece on Using the Heroine’s Journey by Chris Winkle over on Mythcreants.

And yet another take on The Heroine’s Journey over at Tumblr by someone called Flutie Bear: Taking the Heroine’s Journey  (this is part one).

I also found Maureen Murdock – a writer I am incredibly excited to discover!  It is her book The Heroine’s Journey that all these folks seem to be laying out for us.

Huzzah… many things to keep my brain amused as I ponder this woman who is barely whispering in my head.  I’m hoping SOMETHING will grab her attention and thereby give me a CLUE as to her story.

And thinking THAT… there was a mad scramble and much re-arranging and dust bunny finding to get my “3 Day Inspiration Bookshelf” in order.  These are the books that will be with me from now until the end of the contest.

Inspiration bookshelf 3DNC 2015

OK – this is the FIRST piling of books that will be with me til the end of the contest.

I’m sure they will be joined by others.

I never DID get around to actually WORKING with that 8 Step Journey… but I did go for a wonderful walk up the lane and practice… LISTENING… for the whispery voice of a woman talking in the dark.

And now… I grow hungry… so I’m off to make something tasty to eat.

Hope you’re having a great weekend.

go easy ~p

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