Sequester my heart…Or not…



I love this quote from Jeanette Witherspoon’s The Passion: “Sequester my heart. Wherever love is, I want to be.  I will follow it as surely as the land-locked salmon finds the sea.

I love it except that, today, I got to thinking about the first line– about the idea of sequestering my heart.  I don’t want to do that.  Or at least not in the sense of hiding away or shutting myself off from things or people.  Though sometimes, like this week, the urge to do so is strong strong upon me.

My writing and thinking and poking about online today took me towards something else.  Towards the idea of using the energy of this love to move towards this world, instead of hiding away from things that seem hard.

So today I say no to sequestering my heart, but a hearty YES to the idea that wherever  love is, I want to be.  Not romantic love – but love for our fellow creatures, for this land, for this planet.  Turning to love as opposed to hate.  To bravery instead of fear.  To caring and compassion instead of anger.

My friends are so wise and so wonderful.

My friend Wendy posted the most glorious thing on her facebook page the day after the election. I don’t feel right putting up her entire post, but I hope that she will glad for me to share a bit of her wisdom with you.  She wrote:

You need to be you. You need to be you in goodness and “other” centric focus – for our sisters, our brothers, other species… the planet. As much as possible – YOU NEED TO BE LOVE. 

I need to be. Every moment, every minute I can muster – I need to be thinking clearly, creatively responding and walk a better path – and I need to know that this little flicker of energy that is me and my approach, unwinds from me and trickles in [to the collective mass of energy – a Guf of sorts that houses all the opportunities out of which we can guide our future] – and I need to be okay with not getting the WINS or the PRIZES or the POWER, I need to be okay with actively doing something to balance the energy for all of us.

I love this and I take up the challenge to do likewise.  With my work and in my daily round.

With everything I can muster.

And when I grow weary… I will replay the wise words from The Patchwork Grandmothers as offered up by my dear friend Andrea Menard it this wonderful video about Embracing What Is.


Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

go easy ~p

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