Hello – so glad you’re here

The writer’s road is long

And it can get lonely.

Welcome to the ever evolving world of Pam Bustin online.

I’m a novelist/playwright/all round scribbler living with my sweet Raggedy Man in a wee house on the shores of the Kebsquasheshing River in Northern Ontario, Canada. We have no indoor plumbing, but we’ve got power, a phone and high-speed internet.  A girl has to have priorities.

My first novel, Mostly Happy, was published by Thistledown Press.  It won some awards, which was GRAND. The second novel is taking a good long time to emerge, but here we are in 2021 and I can see the way forward and all is well. I can see the way forward thanks to the support and guidance of Pat Dobie – a fellow writer and Editor (Lucid Edit) who has been invaluable for me. Working with Pat has re-ignited both my creative soul and my desire to be of use to other writers.

I’ve always believed in the power of stories. For me, ART is all about showing me how to survive on this earth walk.
It’s why I read stories, go to plays, watch movies, look at paintings, dance … all of it! I also believe that the work we do as writers is sacred. The day to day work of getting those words onto the page is a sacred act. Once the words are on the page – they are not sacred. They are the markers that show us the way and our deepest work is to use these markers to bring our story to others Clear and True and Strong.

I want to do that myself and I want to help other writers do it, too.

I created my business, Soul Stories, as a way for me to walk alongside other writers for a time as they bring their stories to the world.

I’m glad you landed here today. Take a look around. I hope you find something that inspires you and relights your creative fire.

Ocean and sand


For those looking to improve their careers and craft.

Sand and ocean


I currently offer line editing and developmental editing for Fiction and Non Fiction and dramaturgical feedback on plays. I am in the process of exploring ways to support both new and established writers as a coach/mentor. I offer free Sample Edits or a 30 minute free consultation in order to find the best way to support you and your writing.

Clear water at the beach


I’ve come to see that my stories and plays are my way of creating maps – to lead myself and others out of the dark.

It’s the best way I know to spend this “one wild and precious life.”

Not all those who wander are lost.


If you find yourself lost in the woods with a story – I might be able to help you find the path out. If you yearn to take the first step towards developing a writing practice, or starting that first book, I would love to accompany you for a time on your journey. Let’s chat.

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