The Books I love:

NOTE: I tried to put in pictures…but I couldn’t seem to make it work.
The links will take you to the book on Goodreads.


Truss, Lynne.  Eats, Shoots & Leaves

The Writer’s Life and such:

Burdette, Richard Sweet. Writing Towards Wisdom

Cameron, Julia. The Artist’s Way

Goldberg, Natalie. Wild Mind and Writing Down the Bones

Woolf, Virginia. A Writer’s Diary and A Room of One’s Own

Hemingway, Ernest. A Moveable Feast

Writing Fiction:

King, Stephen. On Writing

Algren, Nelson. Nonconformity

Smiley, Jane. 13 Ways of Looking at the Novel

Writing Poetry:

Rilke, Rainer Maria. Letters to a Young Poet


Artistotle. The Poetics                

Boal, Augusto. Theatre of the Oppressed

Brook, Peter The Empty Space

Mamet, David. Three Uses of the Knife         True and False

Mamet, David. On Directing Film

McKee, Robert. Story

Vogler, Christopher. The Writer’s Journey

You can also check out my Reading for Writers Shelf on Goodreads for more books

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