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Courting the Muse: Learning to listen to your Self in the face of all those “How to Write a Novel in Ten Easy Steps!” tipsters

18 days til the 2015 Three Day Novel Contest. Pam is busy courting her Muse and offers some words of support to herself and to others who need a break from the “How to Write a Novel in Ten Easy Steps” bull-dooey.

Shake and Bake 70 – Wrestling with Resistance in the Belly of the Beast

My moony check-in – life, work, resistance to work, the power of COMMUNITY and artistic friendships… and some SPRINGSTEEN. Enjoy.

Shake and Bake 69: Barking at the Moon

Time again for a life/work check in. With a lil Moxy Fruvous thrown in. Bang those skins – Jian Ghomeshi!

Shake and Bake 68: Let the Games Begin ~ Shifting back into WildMind

My wee life/work check in – Anxiety Dreams under the wings of Raven… let Spring come soon!

Shake and Bake 49: The Harvest Edition…AKA… Next Year Country

Hullo Sweeties Ever a denizen of “next year country” – I planted garlic today.  Planted it BEFORE I harvested the bounty of this years garden in preparation for… FROST. Yes.  Tonight we will get our first frost. It snowed today in Timmins…just a hint… Continue Reading “Shake and Bake 49: The Harvest Edition…AKA… Next Year Country”

Shake and Bake 48: The Gearing DOWN Edition

Hullo Sweeties It’s official – I survived another 3-day Novel Contest. The journey through this session was unique – as they all are.  It was fun, but not as much MAD fun as I have had in years past. This year I was very…… Continue Reading “Shake and Bake 48: The Gearing DOWN Edition”

Shake and Bake 47: The Tender Edition

Tis time… tis time… to dive in once again to the wonderful madness that is the 3-day Novel Contest. Last week at this time… I had a plan.  The plan has changed entirely. That’s cool. For me, The 3 Day has become all about… Continue Reading “Shake and Bake 47: The Tender Edition”

May we be…

I am struck with the FEARS this morning. What are the FEARS? Well, I suppose they are different for all of us. They are the waking in the night. The dread. The worries. The crushing feeling of… failing that overcomes us in the dark.… Continue Reading “May we be…”

Shake and Bake 1: The terror-I-zed edition

I’ve been having quite a blast exploring The Fluent Self, the fantastic blog/site WORLD of Havi Brooks. I’m intrigued and pleased by Havi’s weekly round up ritual that she calls Friday Chickens…Chickens are soooo much funner than Check Ins… and I hereby applaud her.… Continue Reading “Shake and Bake 1: The terror-I-zed edition”

The Deals We Make with ourselves…

Woke with THE FEARS this morning. The fear I get when I don’t think I’m “working hard enough”. Sigh. Things are actually going quite well, but had a few days this week where I slipped off my newISH “1000 wds per day” rule. We… Continue Reading “The Deals We Make with ourselves…”

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