Month: August 2014

Und now for something completely different…. Another 3 Day Novel Post

Tis time again, the Pamster said, to talk of many things…. especially the 3day Novel Contest and a rather NOVEL idea of how to play this year. Wish me well. Wish me wise. Wish me words tumbling tumbling tumbling.
With some wild SHAMANIC drumming thrown in to warm our blood.

Shake and Bake 87: Back in the Saddle Again

New Moon time – the leaves are turning…and Pam is back in the saddle…working away at this and that… with an eye to the moon and the elemental beauty of the whole shebang. Accompanied by Gene Autry.

Walking My Way to Water: Week 5 – Possibility (Finding Our Way to the River)

Pam lays out her ongoing adventures in The Artist’s Way. Week FIVE is filled with talk of grace and self compassion. Featuring a lovely rendition of “Down to the River to Pray”

Walking My Way to Water: Week 4 – Integrity (Life/Art/Life or…. SURVIVING without READING)

After a few weeks MIA…. Pam emerges with a big HULLO and some thoughts on Week Four of the Artist’s Way.

Walking My Way to Water: Week 3 – Power (Knocking SHAME on it’s Arse)

… a peek at my adventures during week three of The Artist Way. In Week 3, we look at Anger, Synchronicity, Shame, Dealing with Criticism, Detective Work (an exercise) and Growth. I seek the comfort of Bees.

Nothing Without Us and Nothing Without Us Too

Multi-genre collections of stories where we are the heroes and the stars!

The Republic of Poetry

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