Month: July 2014

Shake and Bake 86: The Ripe Berries, Open Hands, All In Edition

A new moon and a little Cherry Berry Wine….

Walking My Way to Water: Week Two – Identity (She Who Pays Attention)

And this… well this is just one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read…

“I remember her pointing down the steep slope from the home she was about to lose, to the cottonwoods in the wash below. ‘The ponies like them for their shade,’ she said. ‘I like them because they go all silvery in their green.'” – Julia Cameron The Artist’s Way

Shake and Bake 85: Cake Bakin’ and Train Waitin’

A quick little chicken pecked out in the train station parking lot…

Walking My Way to Water: Week One – Safety (Trust)

Post #1 from Pam’s adventure through The Complete Artist’s Way

Why blog it?
Why – in case anyone else wants to play….of course. YOU game?

Shake and Bake 84: Bringing on the RAIN

Moving from a focus on Work and outward expression into a focus on inner work. de-cluttering Feelings/Emotions…. singing and dancing in the R.A.I.N.

Shake and Bake 83: Hearthurt but oh such joys…. blooming everywhere

… wherein Pam rebels from the very concept of de-cluttering and sings the praises of baking a nice spicy loaf of LOVE.

VIDEO: Pam’s Top 5 Tips for 3DNC Prep (with Mulligan)

Pam (AKA Mulligan) lays out her top 5 tips for prepping for the 3Day Novel Contest (held each Labour Day weekend)

Shake and Bake 82: Clutteriouser and Clutteriouser

A quick check-in on the ClutterFront and a call out to the universe…. from the 70s.

Nothing Without Us and Nothing Without Us Too

Multi-genre collections of stories where we are the heroes and the stars!

The Republic of Poetry

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