Shake and Bake 84: Bringing on the RAIN

Shake and Bakes are my quarterly check-ins (CHICKENS!). I use these posts to … shake out the happenings of my work and my  life in general in an attempt to Shake off the bad and Bake in the good. It’s about … gratitude, paying attention and living by the moon. Much thanks to HAVI over at the Fluent Self for inspiration and to APRIL at Big Sky Astrology for her monthly Working with the Moon booklets.

~~o~~ Last Quarter Moon of Calming ~~o~~

Let it Rain Click the pic to get to an article by Tara Brach in Yoga Journal

Heya Beauties

How goes the world?

Twas a good week for this one.  A fast week.  A full week.

The Hard:

  • Θ the continued slipping of my rising early habit. loving the snooze 2days.
  • Φ continued cold mornings.  i just. can’t. hack it.  sigh.
  • Χ a scene a scene a scene in the novel that has been holding me hostage for days. I just can’t seem to find my way through it.  harumph
  • Ξ Ψ a strange INCREASED sensitivity to the emotions of others.  Things seem to be SLAMMING into me this week.  So hard that they take my breath away sometimes.  I think this may be a side effect of being more and more in the moment, more and more IN my body. I am feeling things deep deep and now I need to let them… go… again.  Let them flow through?  oof

The Good:

  • Θ another rather LARGE house project completed – we got the new curtains up – which entailed clearing and moving two huge shelves full of books and movies.
  • Φ a surprise visit from a SK friend who is traveling across the country headed for Newfoundland.  Such a lovely day spent with him.  Golf well, my friend.  Golf well.
  • Χ a scene a scene a scene in the novel that is so lovely it made me weep in a GOOD way
  • Ξ time spent alone in the kayak on the morning river -such beautiful mornings when I DO rise at 5:55.
  • Ψ week one of The Artists Way – ahhhhhhh.  So great to be revisiting this.


On we go with the working through of the de-cluttering module over on Sea Change.

I have to confess that I have not been giving Leo’s wisdom on this matter a fair shake.  I still haven’t watched this month’s webisode and I blaze through his weekly posts…. I resist  I resist  I resist and yet… I continue to circle the idea of this habit and work through it in my own kooky way.

Week THREE – Χ (chi) fire – work – vision – will

Full to Last Quarter

  • Take time for a review, see if I need to tweak my plan for the moonth, see what there is to Release.
  • Focus on Work – clearing up files on the computer and papers or simply continuing the de-cluttering of Sanctuary (AKA – editing).

I shifted my focus to small TIDYings and pretty much LET GO the idea of decluttering for now.  I planned to add a ten minute session to my PM Sit and continue with the clearing of the tables as part of my evening routine.  I didna do the tidyings after my PM sit.  Not one friggin time.  I totally forgot about it until just now.  Funny, ya?  I did continue with the evening clearing of the tables and I also began … putting things back in order each day in the Writing Burrow when I finished up my shift.

I enjoy these small tidyings and I really enjoy the spaces after they are tidied and coming into a clear clean place each morning.  Let us call this a success then – though it is different than I “planned”.

The editing/reVisioning of Sanctuary continues apace… a snail’s pace… but a pace.

Zipping along earlier in the week and then hit this scene that has… oh … just so many elements in it of the… new thread that has emerged and gained strength with this draft and… well lordy it just has me tied in knots.  But I continue to work it…work it… work it… and I know that the working out of this seeming simple scene has much much deeper ramifications for the novel as a whole.  Aiming, as always for the clear clean line through….

  • why is this scene here?
  • how does it move the story forward?
  • what the HELL is he on about????

May I find my way safely through.


Moving on now to this week’s focus…. Oh Jeezly…. Guess what it is??

Week FOUR – Ξ (ksi) water – health – taste – emotions

Last Quarter to Dark Moon July 25

  • Focus on FEELING – The plan is to work consciously this week on becoming aware of which emotions are mine and which I am absorbing/taking on from those around me.  If possible, I would also like to practice letting go of these emotions that don’t rightly belong to me.

Doesn’t THAT sound like fun?

I think I have been noticing this more and more – hence the increased sensitivity mentioned above.  Perhaps.

My largest challenge this week will be to practice R.A.I.N with my own sufferings and perhaps with the sufferings of others that I’ve been taking on as my own.

~~o~~ what R.A.I.N entails and how I intend to work with it ~~o~~

R   Recognize what is happening. (What’s happening?)

– meaning (for me this week), recognizinf the emotion/feeling that is flooding me.

A  Allow life to be just as it is. (Can I be with this?)

– meaning (for me this week), accepting the emotion/feeling instead of trying to defend against it, push it away or deny it’s existence.

I   Investigate inner experience with kindness.

– meaning (for me this week), noticing where the emotion/feeling is in my body and discerning whether this emotion is actually MINE or if I am doing the emotional empath thing and taking it on from someone else.

I like the way Tara Brach refers to this as becoming Intimate with with the experience.  It is here that Tara speaks of bringing kindness to ourselves.  A most excellent way for me to deepen my Self Compassion practice.

N  Non-Identification

– meaning (for me this week), acknowledging that this emotion/feeling is impermanent.  That it is moving through me.  That I am the ocean and this is a wave.

I know that sounds airy-fairy but it rings so true true true to me.  Tara speaks of this in the talk linked to below.  The first time I heard it, I finally BEGAN to understand what she/they mean by this non-identification step.  It is lovely lovely lovely and incredibly … liberating for me.

I hope to practice mini-RAINs in the moment and include some more formal intentional sits on the side.

There is a fantastic Dharma Talk and guided meditation I found on Tara Brach’s site that will help.  I love it.  I just listened to it again and… oh it is so good.  If you have an hour sometime this week, it is well worth a listen.  You can also go and download it as a podcast on itunes.  I just did THAT as well, so I can have it with me for a while.

Here’s the audio… RAIN-Cultivating-a-Mindful-Awareness.

Und here is the video…



Okay my pals and pallas….

It’s time for me to go and work up this week’s check in for The Artist’s Way.  I’m working through it in company this time, which is very exciting.

I haven’t decided yet if I’d like to keep my explorations semi-private within our  SpiritWalkers group, or if I’d like to post it here as well.  We will see what we will see.

May we hold ourSelves and others gently this week.

Go easy ~p

2 Comments on “Shake and Bake 84: Bringing on the RAIN

  1. I like the idea of practicing RAIN. I have been working on noticing what affects my mood; noticing that I pick up and take on other people’s moods and how I can stop myself from doing this. For me, just noticing that I do it had been a godsend. I’m glad you have company to put into practice The Artist’s Way. Doing things alone is difficult which I am finding out this week as I started implementing healthy changes. It is very hard without support. I wish you well on your journey.

    • Hey Diane Yes indeed – having company is way more fun and the accountability is a boon as well when we are working on implementing new habits. That’s a big part of why I am truly digging the Sea Change world. Good people, cheering each other on. I’m not sure I’ll stay forever, the forums can take time time as I feel the desire to read all the posts and chat with folks, but the community is really a blessing to me right now.

      I’m in your corner, too! Sending a wave of support winging your way today for whatever changes you are making.

      Go easy~p

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Because there's never enough time to do it right the first time but there's always enough time to do it over

Ailish Sinclair

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Starting Over

Because there's never enough time to do it right the first time but there's always enough time to do it over

Ailish Sinclair

Stories and photos from Scotland

Cathy Standiford

Historical fiction, poetry, essays

Keeping the Dream

The Healing Journey and Covert Abuse

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