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telling our stories (a NaNoWriMo wrap-up)

Hullo Sweeties… Time to wrap up this year’s adventure in NaNoLand.  It was a good month.  An interesting month. As I read over the posts I made in November I kept dipping back into the work I did on that specific day—seeking both things… Continue Reading “telling our stories (a NaNoWriMo wrap-up)”

hold to the truth…

Dark moon today…and this year’s adventure in NaNoLand is winding down. I’ve crossed the “finish line” of 50,000 words written. Tomorrow brings a fresh new moon and I will return to my regular writing practice. I stumbled on this poem a few days ago… Continue Reading “hold to the truth…”

i dreamed…

i dreamed of a 70s kitchen  and these tv trays… there was an orange fireplace and magnetic poetry about beer…   i brought the dream and the fireplace to nanowrimo land.   we romped. so it goes~p

Sequester my heart…Or not…

My writing and thinking and poking about online today took me towards the idea of using the energy of love to move towards this world, instead of hiding away from things that seem hard.

Everywhere is falling everywhere…

  Yesterday, I spent some time with friends including the poet Rumi and the wonderful Marion Woodman (who I am just coming to know). I found this poem – The New Rule by Rumi in a book that slipped into my hand yesterday as… Continue Reading “Everywhere is falling everywhere…”

how we look on love…

Today, a story just began itself….

push back against the dark…

  “Claim your space. Draw a circle of light around it. Push back against the dark. Don’t just survive. Celebrate.” ― Charles Frazier Working from this inspiration this morning, I realized (again) that this is what I do each day in The Scrib. This… Continue Reading “push back against the dark…”

Last night, at one in the morning…

Last night, at one in the morning, we went down to the edge of the water to watch the beavers. There were three of them.  Momma Daddy and baby we assumed. They had no fear of us.  They carried on, though we may have… Continue Reading “Last night, at one in the morning…”

being seen… “It’s bigger on the inside.”

Romper, stomper, bomper boo.Tell me, tell me tell me do. Magic Mirror, tell me today, did all my friends have fun at play? I see  Kathryn and Jennifer and Laura and Johnny, SisterCoyote and Judith and Bethani and Mary and Jalene and Kathleen and Robert and Anne and… Continue Reading “being seen… “It’s bigger on the inside.””

in the room with the wallpaper…

Today I wrote a sad story. About this fella (who I named Sam) and why he is alone… …here in this room with the wallpaper that reminded him of home and his own beat down mother. I wrote… a fragment… of Sam’s story today.… Continue Reading “in the room with the wallpaper…”

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