telling our stories (a NaNoWriMo wrap-up)

The Raggedy Man took this shot of the ice forming and unforming on the river.  Glorious.

Hullo Sweeties…

Time to wrap up this year’s adventure in NaNoLand.  It was a good month.  An interesting month.

As I read over the posts I made in November I kept dipping back into the work I did on that specific day—seeking both things I want to remember/hold on to for myself and things that may, one day, be turned into work that I could share with the world.

It was interesting to follow my trajectory from…. reaching toward creating pieces that I might be able to “turn into something to send out into the world” meaning short stories or even poems, towards something more… well, heck…. more like what I REALLY do everyday in my ongoing writing practice which is…some of that “outward focussed” work, but mostly more of simply… continuing to explore questions, often spiritual questions, as they arise for me each day.

I decided to gather some things from this month’s meanderings into a new Scrivener project.  As I was about to create a whole new project, I paused and decided to do a search of my hard-drive for already existing projects.  I found something called A Strange Notebook – it was created back in April of 2016 and I had no memory of creating it.

It held one 200 word piece that I do remember writing, but that I had lost in the MASS of words words words I write every day.

So many words.

this-small-thingAnd so strong the yearning to offer up… just one small, beautiful, thing.  A thing that can be held in the hand.  Held in the heart.


I had a lovely experience / revelation / reminder of the power of something this week.

I met a friend for tea (or water and a pop actually) and amidst our “catching ups” we got to talking about poetry.  I spoke of my love of what I see as “sacred” poetry — the works of Mary Oliver, Rumi, Leonard Cohen.  I began to tell her/recite Oliver’s poem Wild Geese.  I didn’t make it all the way through before my memory failed, but oh oh oh there was such a connection between us as I spoke those words.  My voice slipped down into my belly.  Our eyes really LOOKED into each other.  Her face glowed as she received the words.  It was good.  I had forgotten that.  The power of words carried on the breath – person to person, soul to soul.

I am hungry to return to this way of expressing myself.

I think back to to my time on stage, and especially to the performing/offering up of my two one-woman shows (barefoot and OK: The Passage of Georgia O’Keeffe).  I remember I remember I remember the feeling of doing those shows and the conversations I had with people after each performance.

I remember the power of being in the audience for live theatre and storytelling events.

And I have to smile because… next Friday, December 9th, I will be enjoying time with a friend and we will be spending the entire day in the company of Storytellers.

Isn’t that amazing?

And as I went forth seeking info on this Storycare Symposium, I stumbled upon some information on the 2017 Toronto Storytelling Festival — where my friend will be one of the featured Tellers.  And… I feel such a call to attend this year.

I hesitated to register.  Money.  Almost always it is about money when I hold back on reaching out and grabbing this sort of experience.  I spoke with the Raggedy Man and then we spoke of it again, and yet again.  This morning, he said, “You need to just do it.  Register.  Go.  You need to do this.”

And so, I’m going to do it.

I would like to say:

As soon as I finish this post, I am going to go and sign up for a three day intensive Story Camp and get a pass to the Festival as a whole.

But it looks like the site is still under-construction, so I will have to hold off until the site is up and running.

This feels good.  It feels like a whole new world to explore and it feels like coming home.

I find myself excited about the coming months.  About what they will hold for all of us as we move through the world.  There is so much scary out there, we need to hold to the good that we create ourselves and that we see others creating.

We each need to tend our own patch with open hearts and generous spirits.

We need to listen to each other.

I need to listen.

And we need to speak/write/create and share when we find a truth.

We need to share our stories – soul to soul.

Onward ~p

Links to upcoming Storytelling fun in Toronto:

Storycare Symposium 2016:

Toronto Storytelling Festival 2017:

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