Month: February 2014

RandomLand 2: Come find your “Daily Fortune” (and see Pam in a balaclava)

RandomLand 2: A wiseguy from France, 2 ways to find you “daily Fortune”, Roasted Broccoli and a stylishly worn Balaclava…

Vipassana: Musing on Pain and the Brain at a 10 day Retreat

The Meditative Monkey is back with more Monday musings… if I can watch my body and notice the changing sensations and also watch my chattering mind… who the heck is THE WATCHER?

Shake and Bake 67: Clear Sailing?

My wee life/work check-in – featuring Tom Russell’s fabulous song for Edith Piaf. It’s called “Chocolate Cigarettes” and it just might crack yer heart open. Go easy ~p

RandomLand 1: Because… NUMBER5

This post is brought to you by … the number five.

Vipassana Baby-steps – Valuing the Experiential and Keeping an Open Mind

Installment Four of my Musings on Meditation – a bit more on the value (for me) of practicing vipassana and some discussion of things raised at the retreat that… gave me pause. And… just maybe… a wee insight found.

Shake and Bake 66 – Leaping under the Full Pike Moon

My wee life/work check-in – featuring “susurrations” – a video poem by on of my Soul Sisters – the fierce and lovely Lia Pas.

Vipassana: Into the body – out of the mind

Part Three in my musings on Meditation – a look at working with the body in meditation takes a left turn into… healing from past traumas… a little Good Will Hunting… a little Indigo Girls… and a little of me…

Shake and Bake 65: The FishWish Edition

Marking the First Quarter of Pike Moon – I continue to trudge ahead with reVisions of the new novel. Confessing the difficulty of taking tiny steps when I want to LEAP ahead. And tomorrow…. I’m g’wan fishing. Wish me LUCK?

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