Month: June 2014

Shake and Bake 81: New Calming Moon New Calming Practice?

Wherein Pam welcomes the New Moon of July and kicks off her new plan of using the elements to deepen her practices/habits. This months focus – de-cluttering. (YERP!)

Deepening… Working with the moon and the five elements to deepen our Practices

Wherein Pam contemplates using the phases of the moon, the five elements, and the actions of Doing, Thinking, Saying and Feeling as an aid to deepening her practices and developing new healthy habits.

Wrapping up the June Moon with a Solstice Retreat…

Wherein Pam waxes philosophical on “the things that are TRUE to me right now” – with some pretty pictures and a Guardian Gnome named Greta…..

Shake and Bake 80: “I’m an EXCELLENT driver.”

It’s true.

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