Shake and Bake 80: “I’m an EXCELLENT driver.”

Shake and Bakes are my quarterly life/work check-ins (CHICKENS!) It’s my way of shaking off the “bad” and baking in the “good” It’s about gratitude, paying attention and living by the moon. Much thanks to HAVI over at the Fluent Self for inspiration and to APRIL at Big Sky Astrology for her monthly Working with the Moon booklets.

~~o~~ Full WINDY Moon (in Sagittarius) ~~o~~


Hi Yaz
Sorry for my absence …

I keep tossing around (again) a different way to do my chickens… Nothing has hit me yet though and I do want to carry on with them… carry on with paying attention to the moon and to the elements and to wee animal visitations and so on… so… Here I am again to report in on this moonths Doings.

Mostly I’ve just been keeping my head down this month.  Working on the reVisions, getting the garden in (late so late…but still…it is in) and… practicing my driving.

On June 10th I took my Road Test for my G2 license.  Man I was nervous.  This relearning to drive has been a huge… adventure for me (she giggles – adventure…right… overcoming the near phobic fear of piloting a car…an adventure.)  But I am insanely happy to report that I was SUCCESSFUL and passed my test and can now drive alone and with passengers and in the dark and on highways and … pretty much drive drive drive.  I’ll have to do another road test next year to finish up my “training time” and get my full license, but for now… Wheee!

The reVisioning of Sanctuary continues…apace… but the pace wears me down.  Sometimes I fear that I may never reach the end of this draft.  Sometimes I fear that this flipping novel will be my UNDOING.  But I keep at it.

On Wednesday, I set aside the entire day to write… Have in fact declared Wednesdays my “play in the studio all day long” days.

The driving practice had us in town almost every day for the last 3 weeks… and town is… a vortex.  Time disappears.  I think this desire for a “Studio Day” grew out of the need to consciously declare ONE DAY each week that I wouldn’t go to town, unless there was an emergency of some sort.  So… The first such day would be the day after taking my Road Test.  I would wake early and do my morning doings and then… settle in to the writing and have hours and hours to Go Deep.

Well …. It just didn’t work out that way at all.  Not at all at all at all….

I rose early and did my meditation and ate my breakfast and dove into the Scrib and then I refilled my coffee and came back to the burrow to begin work and …. I just couldn’t.  I couldn’t do it.  I just could not face the monster.

I went outside and watered the garden.

I poked my head inside the Shakey Shack to see what the Raggedy Man was up to.  He was working on a new play.

I slumphed through the joint, grabbed a book and began to read.

The fella finished working and asked if I’d help take the winter plastic off the screened in porch.

We did it.  Ahh…. fresh flowing air.  Lovely.

I had lunch – with my book.  And then I lay on the screened in porch and read… for the rest of the day.

I didn’t go to the page AT ALL!

And see… I’ve been doing super well at showing up every day – for at least a little while and I was hungry…. I thought… so hungry for a WHOLE DAY to write. Hours and hours and hours and … I did NOTHING.

It was not a good day.  I was sad at the end of it.  Though the book I read was very good.  All three of the books I read this week are good.  Ahh…. yes… I read three books this week.  February by Lisa Moore, Rosie by Ann Lammott and Mean Boy by Lynn Coady.  I have been reading deep into the night…. and all day Wednesday.  Hmm…

The books are all so good.  So different.  So so SO much better than this piece of…

Ah… right…. OK.

Here I am working on draft two of a sprawly mad novel that feels like a stinking vat of poo right now and … oh how I long to write like these women.  So strong.  So clear.  So rhythmic and wonderful and… oh how much better it is… easier it is… to dive into THEIR worlds.

Comfort me with stories.

Especially when I am tired.  When I have been facing a big ole terror.

Never crossed my mind to give myself a “day off” on the day after my Driving Test.

Why on earth would I need a day off?

Maybe to let the adrenaline drain away…. to settle… to rest… to take in the actual WONDER of this thing?  This huge scary (to me) thing that I wrestled to the freaking MATT. Hmm…?
So much to learn about this being human thing.

So… OK.  I got my G2 Licence.  And the reVision is moving ahead. All is well.
Cept… here we are at the full moon already… with no check ins for the New Moon or the First Quarter.  Cripes.


Let us Chicken.

June’s Moon is known as:

Strawberry Moon (Algonquin)
Moon of Horses (Celtic)
Flower Moon (English)
Dyad Moon (Medieval England  And Wiccan)
Planting Moon  (Neo-Pagan)
Rose Moon (Colonial America)
Green Corn Moon (Cherokee)
Windy Moon  (Choctaw)

The strawberries are coming and the wind has definitely arrived.  The weather has been wild.  Heavy heavy rains washed the edges of our road away.  Fierce winds bring frothing whitecaps to the river. It’s a month of extremes down on the bay.

Animal visitations have included a sweet frog hopping out of the garden and beavers swimming by. The lovely forlorn sound of loon song fills our evenings.

This is my second month over at Sea Change.  I am really enjoying the community over there and Leo’s wonderful posts, daily emails and monthly webinars.  This month we are working on establishing the habit of Waking Early.

I’ve been working on this one for a few years.  Having some great streaks of rising at 6am or even earlier and then… reverting into 9am, 10am risings again.

I do love the early mornings here.  The river is usually incredibly still and covered in mist.

I dream of rising at 5am and meditating and then taking the kayak out into the mist to float with the waking loons.

Haven’t got out on the water much yet… but I am doing pretty good at rising up at 6:30 each morning this month.  Not EVERY morning… but often.

The thing I am enjoying most about Leo’s approach to forming new habits is the… small steps.  Especially for this one.  His advice is to move slowly.  Moving our alarms backward in 10 minute increments.  Letting ourselves adjust (at least one week) and then moving it 10 more minutes, until we reach our desired wake time.

He also advises us to pay particular attention to our evenings.  Which makes perfect sense.  To wake earlier – you ideally need to get to bed earlier.  Uh DUH...right? I hadn’t thought too much about my evenings before this month.  My morning routine is pretty set and clear but my evenings were  all over the map. Often watching TV or cruising around online right up til I was exhausted and then crawling straight into bed to read into the wee hours. And… wanting to wake at 5am all bright and shiny.  Sheesh.

I’ve been enjoying establishing an evening routine.  Getting the screens off early (started with a 10pm alarm) and then doing a short tidy up, having a cup of tea and a nice wash (with water HEATED instead of just a quick cold splash), doing my daily digi-chicken and writing in my five year diary and then into bed with my book.  It is calming, this idea of small rituals… of a routine.

I’m also enjoying the month long focus on ONE THING.  This is working for me.

Meantime…. I continue to do the daily digi-chickens, noting anything that comes up around the elements, making short notes on my two daily meditation sits and doing my gratitude thang:

I am Grateful for…
I Enjoyed…
I am Satisfied with…
Random Bit of Goodness….

Tis good.

So this moonth – my main intention is to work on the Waking Early habit.  And to begin using the wonderful tools of:

Curiosity: wanting to see what it’s really like in this moment – say to wake early and get up (sleepy or not) or to sleep more and rise later.

Acceptance: to just accept each moment for what it is.

No beating up on myself for whichever path I choose in that moment. Not wanting to be… more alert, more whatever….just accepting how I am right now.  It’s OK to be sleepy.  Sometimes it is even OK to sleep more. But sometimes it isn’t and I feel bad when I finally roll out of bed.  I accept that feeling of discomfort and think about how to avoid that obstacle next time.  (Big focus for me right now is to get up IMMEDIATELY when the alarm goes off.  No curling back in to listen to the news or whatever.)

Gratitude: being grateful for what is here right now.  For the view of the river.  For the fresh, drinkable water that we pump each day.  For the cosiness of my writing bunky where I now go each morning to Sit and Dream and Work.

Mindfulness: watching myself and beginning to notice my “ideals”- like how I wish I jumped out of bed all refreshed to greet the day and got SO MUCH work done immediately AND enjoyed the quiet on the river.  Being compassionate with my suffering sleepy self.  Being mindful of my urges to quit and being mindful of the body… How does this feel?  Is it too much discomfort?  Is it OK to push through?

I’m learning a lot.  And that’s the main idea.

June is a time of full  and restful energies.  A time to work on our personal consistencies and seek balance.

So this Windy Moon I work on balancing my spiritual and physical desires.
I take time to recognize, strengthen and reward myself for positive traits.
I play with the following…

Θ (theta) earth – home – touch – body

  • Be in the body

Φ (phi) air – relationships – scent – mind

  • Follow the breath

Χ (chi) fire – work – vision – will

  • Tend the flame

Ξ (ksi) water – health – taste – emotions

  • Open to the flow

Ψ (psi) quintessence – spirit – hearing/listening

  • Listen
  • Listen
  • Listen


Thanks for stopping by.

Let us all… drive on.

Go easy ~p

7 Comments on “Shake and Bake 80: “I’m an EXCELLENT driver.”

  1. Hey there Pam! Oh, how I do love to drive! How awesome that you are conquering a fear of yours! Very admirable.
    I, for one, enjoy your writing, and think your are being too hard on yourself. This is coming from someone who constantly re-reads her own stuff, and thinks, “my God, what was I thinking?”. So I understand your feelings of inadequacy very well.
    So nice to visit you today,
    All the best,

    • Hey Andrea Thanks so much for stopping by. And for your wise and incredibly comforting words.

      I so often find my words….clunky…and awkward…reaching for this shining IDEAL…and…falling short. Always just tryna tell the story as clear and true as I can.

      I shall prevail! This novel will be finished….one day. Heh heh.

      Have a great weekend.

      Go easy~p

    • Ahhh such a grin I got from this… As I sneak away from The Beast to check emails 🙂 Merci.~p

  2. Great post, very inspirational. I don’t have a problem with waking early, it’s how I use my time. I seem to waste a lot of it, not getting the things done that need to be.

    • Hey Diane Thanks for stopping by. I envy your ability to wake early – and actually GET UP! Heh heh. I seem to wake but then go back to snoozeVille for a few hours.

      I’m curious – what sort of things do you get up to in the morning that feel like a waste of time? And what are the things that need to be done that you have a hard time getting to?

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Starting Over

Because there's never enough time to do it right the first time but there's always enough time to do it over

Ailish Sinclair

Stories and photos from Scotland

Cathy Standiford

Historical fiction, poetry, essays

Keeping the Dream

The Healing Journey and Covert Abuse

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