Coaching / Mentoring

Book/Story Coaching and Mentoring:

This is structured to your needs.  We can focus on whatever you need to improve your work or writing practice.  It can include the following support:

  • Ongoing editorial feedback and coaching on your work(s) in progress
  • Ongoing video meetings to discuss your work
  • Support in
    • creating an outline for your book
    • developing a consistent, pleasurable writing practice

This is for those who want some company along the trail.  I can offer guidance and professional feedback, but we can also just meet as two writers and walk together for a time.

Cost: 75.00 CAD per hour

How to begin:

Contact me to begin the conversation.

You can use my contact form to request one of the following:

Sample Edit

I offer sample edits to prospective clients free of charge. This is a way for us to see if we are a good fit and for you to decide if you would like to work with me.

I will:

  1. Read up to 10 pages and do a sample line edit (and or provide comments) on the first 2-3 pages.
  2. Deliver your annotated manuscript and a short memo that will:
    1. give you an overview of my thoughts on the pages I read
    2. suggest an editorial approach to your manuscript
    3. include a quote for my services if you choose to work with me

If I don’t connect with your work, or feel that it is not ready for editing, I will still provide you with my thoughts and suggestions, but I won’t make a proposal for us to work together.

Free consultation

If a Sample Edit doesn’t fit your project, I offer a free consultation (phone or zoom) to meet and discuss your project and how I might support you.

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