Month: January 2014

Shake and Bake 64: The Deep and Deeper Edition

New Moon – PIKE Moon
The ole “shaking of the hard and baking in the good” continues….

Vipassana: The Grace-filled Dance of Silence

Today I am ruminating on the going in and coming out of Noble Silence during my recent Vipassana Meditation Retreat. The grace-filled bathroom dance and the Greeting of another being. With musical accompaniment by John Prine (Hello in There).


Strolling through the blogs at the Grow Your Blog party hosted by Vicki over at 2 bags full this weekend, I’m realizing how writing is connected to so many other Crafts…

Grow Your Blog 2014: Welcome, Fellow Travelers!

I’m taking part in a “blog party” this weekend… over 500 bloggers will be hopping all over the web, meeting new people and discovering new worlds. It’s gonna be wild. This is my “hello” post.

Shake and Bake 63: Wildmind and Logicmind – finding balance

Last Quarter Musings… and a great acoustic version of Robbie William’s “Go Gentle” done by the Moon Loungers. Happy Friday, all!

Flipping Anxiety Pancakes with Susan Swan

Susan Swan has started an online diary called Anxiety Pancakes: Life in the Middle of a Novel. The posts make me smile and get me thinking about things. I’ve taken to commenting on them each day. Come play!

My First Vipassana Retreat: Part ONE: What it IS – Why I Went – What you DO

It’s taken me a while to get down to it – but here’s the first installment on my Adventures at a 10day Silent Meditation Retreat. More fun to follow…

Shake and Bake 62 – Howling at the Full Wolf Moon

Time for Visions and ReVisions… “I have the story. I have it all right here. Now I just need to find the BEST way to tell it.” Pam’s quarterly Check In on life and work and all that Jazz…

Taking my first wobbly steps down the Dhamma Road

Sitting in a hotel room in Timmins Ontario, listening to Neil Young on the radio. We will spend the day circling the hospital.  Medical tests for the Raggedy Man and my MiL.  Me and the Diggedy Dawg are along for company, moral support and…… Continue Reading “Taking my first wobbly steps down the Dhamma Road”

Shake and Bake 61 – The Stepping Out of Silence Edition

I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date! The new moon fell on January First.  I had EVERY INTENTION of creating a post to wish you a grand and wonderful new year… but the world was full to bursting and I didn’t make… Continue Reading “Shake and Bake 61 – The Stepping Out of Silence Edition”

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