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Strolling through the blogs at the Grow Your Blog party hosted by Vicki over at 2 bags full this weekend, I’m realizing how writing is connected to so many other Crafts.

Photo © Simon Peers and Nicholas Godley Golden Orb Spider silk on the loom. The design is a traditional Madagascar style, lamba Akotifahana.

I weave words together to create a story.

Sometimes it feels like… quilting….  I have all these disparate bits and pieces… small scraps of thoughts and ideas and character voices and I lay them all out and find the most pleasing pattern and then… I stitch them together to make something warm and comforting.

I sculpt the draft.

I thread word after word into a beautiful creation – like beads on a necklace.

Some days it feels like hammering metal.

Other days, it’s like making a lovely nest of yarn.

Hmmm.  I like that.

8 Comments on “Crafting…

  1. I like that too. Everything we do is some form of artful expression. We have crafted ourselves into who we are. The way we talk, what we wear, where and how we live. Some of us are more conscious of our choices than others, but nonetheless, it is all art. A craft.

  2. Sort of like life pam! And definitely, writing must be like quilting. Having to find the right pattern too. Very interesting thought!

  3. Lovely! I call it wordsmthing. Sometimes it is like smithing iron or steel others it is more like the soft tapping of sterling silver! 😀 It is true, all of our art forms are word worthy. 😀 Thanks for the reminder!
    Beth P

  4. Hi Pam. what a fun place to come visit! I’m glad you popped in from GYB party. I’m going to come back and have a look around at the writers resource….It’s been a dream of mine to write a children’s book. For now, I’m happy practicing with my blog. It’s nice to meet you!

    • Hey Kelly
      Thanks for popping over. I continue to build up the Writer’s Resources. Hope you can find something useful there.
      I’m still exploring the GYB blogs… Will take a while to visit them all! I’m loving it.
      So many fascinationg worlds to discover.

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