Short Stories / Essays

I currently offer three levels of story-tending for short pieces.

  1. Developmental Edit (Big Picture): A close read of story with feedback by way of marginal comments and an editorial letter that gives you an overview of what’s working and what needs work, and suggestions for improvement. Includes a 30 minute zoom call.
  2. Line and Copyedit (Nitty Gritty): If you feel your story is basically ready to go but want a professional eye to proof read it, catch any basic errors and offer suggestions that can boost the prose from “meh” to something clear, concise and a pleasure to read, this is the option for you. Includes a 30 minute zoom call.
  3. Two Pass Deal: Two editing passes with feedback and zoom calls. The first pass is usually developmental and then after you do some revisions, we do a second editing pass that can be both developmental and line/copyedits if you like.


 Up to 2500 wds2500-4500 wds4500-6500 wds
Big Picture200 CAD250 CAD300 CAD
Line/Copyedit200 CAD250 CAD300 CAD
Two Pass Deal 300 CAD350 CAD400 CAD

For pieces over 6500 words, I charge 5 cents/word (CAD)

How to begin:

Contact me to begin the conversation.

You can use my contact form to request one of the following:

Sample Edit

I offer sample edits to prospective clients free of charge. This is a way for us to see if we are a good fit and for you to decide if you would like to work with me.

You send me the whole story (12 pt Times New Roman–double-spaced)  and I send it back to you with marginal comments and some line edits on the first few pages.

This also includes a short memo that will:

  1. give you an overview of my thoughts on the pages I read
  2. suggest an editorial approach to your manuscript
  3. include a quote for my services and suggested schedule if you choose to work with me

If I don’t connect with your work, or feel that it is not ready for editing, I will still provide you with my thoughts and suggestions, but I won’t make a proposal for us to work together.

Free consultation

If a sample edit doesn’t fit your project, I offer a free consultation (phone or zoom) to meet and discuss your project and how I might support you.

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