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making room for magic…

Hullo Sweeties As some of you know, I’ve been hanging out with Jennifer Louden over at the OASIS for a while now. I just passed into my second year as a member and I am still loving up the space that Jen creates and… Continue Reading “making room for magic…”

telling our stories (a NaNoWriMo wrap-up)

Hullo Sweeties… Time to wrap up this year’s adventure in NaNoLand.  It was a good month.  An interesting month. As I read over the posts I made in November I kept dipping back into the work I did on that specific day—seeking both things… Continue Reading “telling our stories (a NaNoWriMo wrap-up)”

hold to the truth…

Dark moon today…and this year’s adventure in NaNoLand is winding down. I’ve crossed the “finish line” of 50,000 words written. Tomorrow brings a fresh new moon and I will return to my regular writing practice. I stumbled on this poem a few days ago… Continue Reading “hold to the truth…”


This morning, I read a blog post that cracked my heart open. Loosing faith by Bethani Jade– On her Self Study blog. In the comments/ Reply section… I wrote: Walking with you. I began a new file today on my typer-machine. Under Spirit — Cries of/from the… Continue Reading “spelling…”

I forget to pray for the angels…

I forget to pray for the angels, and then the angels forget to pray for us…. Yes.  How I forget so very much.  That seems to be my theme today. The things I let slide away away away…. The things I start with all… Continue Reading “I forget to pray for the angels…”

Bethani reminded me….to begin again…

Hullo Sweeties…. Today on Facebook a friend and fellow writer, Bethani Jade, tagged me in a post inviting me to share in a “self-love” writing challenge that she is doing.  It brought up all sorts of….nasty sticky goo for me around my writing practice.… Continue Reading “Bethani reminded me….to begin again…”

Wrapping up the June Moon with a Solstice Retreat…

Wherein Pam waxes philosophical on “the things that are TRUE to me right now” – with some pretty pictures and a Guardian Gnome named Greta…..

The Shero’s School for Revolutionaries (FREE this week!)

People!  Women!  All beings with access to the magic of the interweb…. go check out The Shero’s School for Revolutionaries.  It is a series of … conversations between author Jennifer Louden and over 20 fascinating women.  And it is streaming for FREE – this… Continue Reading “The Shero’s School for Revolutionaries (FREE this week!)”

Baking Muffins in the Nude and Holding Hands with Monkeys: The Power of being SEEN

My friend, Maria Glanz, has a lovely show called See Me Naked.  I remember when the idea for the show struck her. We were touring the Fringe, each in one woman shows that weren’t drawing a lot of attention. There were a bunch of… Continue Reading “Baking Muffins in the Nude and Holding Hands with Monkeys: The Power of being SEEN”

May we be…

I am struck with the FEARS this morning. What are the FEARS? Well, I suppose they are different for all of us. They are the waking in the night. The dread. The worries. The crushing feeling of… failing that overcomes us in the dark.… Continue Reading “May we be…”

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