San Francisco - Mission District: The Women's ...

San Francisco – Mission District: The Women’s Building – MaestraPeace Mural (Photo credit: wallyg)

People!  Women!  All beings with access to the magic of the interweb…. go check out The Shero’s School for Revolutionaries.  It is a series of … conversations between author Jennifer Louden and over 20 fascinating women.  And it is streaming for FREE – this week.

I’ve listened to a few talks already and there is so much… so so much … juice and wisdom in these women.

I’m laughing… I’m weeping…I am incredibly grateful to Jennifer and the women involved for offering this up online and FREE this week.

There is so much here… I might have to find a way to pony up the dough to OWN these talks.

I’m headed out for a walk up the lane to contemplate what I’ve listened to thus far.  But I had to pause to send out a “heads UP!” to anyone who might be open to checking it out.  A spate of new conversations come online this evening.

Maybe we’ll be listening together – wherever you are.


go easy ~p