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We’ve had some snow today…

Sometimes there was nothing by white deep drifting for a long section, but looking ahead, I could see the old path and then I would cut a new(ish) trail to meet up with the tracings of the old one.

Wrapping up the June Moon with a Solstice Retreat…

Wherein Pam waxes philosophical on “the things that are TRUE to me right now” – with some pretty pictures and a Guardian Gnome named Greta…..

21 days of Meditation – with Deepak Chopra and Ms Oprah herself

While we are on the topic of slowing down… I wanted to share this opportunity with you. It is a 21 day meditation “challenge” being offered by Oprah and Deepak Chopra. I’ve been signing up for a lot of things lately. Trying to keep… Continue Reading “21 days of Meditation – with Deepak Chopra and Ms Oprah herself”

A Simple Imbolc Ritual

Helloo-Hallay it’s a glorious day! Today is Imbolc — called Candlemas by some — the Feast Day of St. Brighid. It is the First Rite of Spring – though it never really feels like that ’round these parts. Those of you who have read… Continue Reading “A Simple Imbolc Ritual”

A Simple Yule/Solstice Ritual

We moved here for many reasons. One of the things that drew me was the desire to watch the wheel of the year turn from this particular spot on the earth. I have been in motion most of my life. We moved a lot… Continue Reading “A Simple Yule/Solstice Ritual”

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