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I forget to pray for the angels…

I forget to pray for the angels, and then the angels forget to pray for us…. Yes.  How I forget so very much.  That seems to be my theme today. The things I let slide away away away…. The things I start with all… Continue Reading “I forget to pray for the angels…”

Ela goes a-musing on … aMUSING athena

Ela has been declared a MUSE and invited to play over on the Amusing Athena site. Wheeeee! Here’s a link to the post…. these things ~ you know… | aMUSING athena.

Shake and Bake 27: The Epiphanic Edition

Take it in Stride - the road.

The most wonderful thing happened this morning. I’ve been sick all week.  Bad BAD cold.  Cough.  No energy.  Cough.  Much time in bed watching Dr. Who and … pretty much anything I could find. Woke this morning …coughing.  Rolled out of bed …. coughing. … Continue Reading “Shake and Bake 27: The Epiphanic Edition”

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