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Staying Put… for now

today the air is full of noise and fear
chitter chatter
skitter scatter

i take a breath
listen deeper
watch the light move across the wall

trying to hear my own wisdom

Some days….

I just can’t seem to focus. Today was a little like…. hence…no attempt at an inspiring 3 Day Novel post. oof. sorry. go easy ~p

Sunday Walkabout #AprilSnow

Ahh… the longing for April Showers…in the land of April SNOWs. Take a walk with Pam.


Strolling through the blogs at the Grow Your Blog party hosted by Vicki over at 2 bags full this weekend, I’m realizing how writing is connected to so many other Crafts…

Snow Moon… Hunger Moon

February… time of the Snow Moon. The Hunger Moon. The moon that can get me down if I let it. Time to strap on the snow shoes and venture out. Don’t stay inside. Seek the wild. Find the beauty. It’s OK…. Spring is coming….… Continue Reading “Snow Moon… Hunger Moon”

Winter Walk

So… the world spins on. It’s been cold round these parts this week. Down to -39C one morning when I got up. On the 22nd, we passed the magic number -40C. That’s cold enough to freeze…. pretty much anything. Curious things happen at forty… Continue Reading “Winter Walk”

a drop of waking wisdom….

Go into the day curious… You never know what might show up. -pam

in case the world is ending…

or shifting or taking a leap on the 21st… i’ve decided to take more walks and watch the play of sunshine on the snow in this place i find myself it seems a sane thing to do. go easy -p

Nothing Without Us and Nothing Without Us Too

Multi-genre collections of stories where we are the heroes and the stars!

The Republic of Poetry

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