Staying Put… for now

stay putalongside

today the air is full of noise and fear
chitter chatter
skitter scatter


i take a breath
listen deeper
watch the light move across the wall
trying to hear my own wisdom


making the choice to Stay In Place
here in the hilltop house
in the warmlands
where the roosters crow


I will not close my ears
to the shrieking of the turkey vultures
but i will hear it alongside
~ the dog barking in the distance
~ the mariachi on the radio
~ and Lydia’s grandsons laughing as they play in the sand by the side of the road


I choose to
continue to live
breath by breath
awake to it all




Hullo sweet ones


Yes, we are still in Mexico and our wisest choice right now seems to be to Stay Put.


We are living in a friend’s house on a hill outside of town.
The house is cozy and there is currently no worries about food or toilet paper.
Our flight back to Canada is booked for May 5th and we hope that by then things will have … calmed down.


We may be mistaken about that, but it doesn’t seem to make any sense to scramble for a flight out now.  To travel now seems to be heading into the maelstrom, and putting ourselves and others at risk unnecessarily.
Because to get “home” means…


  1. A bus
  2. A taxi
  3. A plane ride
  4. A large airport to arrive at in a city where we don’t actually live so we would put family at risk by staying with them or have to keep moving on to…
  5. another bus
  6. and a train
  7. to arrive in our sweet town but still needing to put a friend at risk by hitching a ride out to the shaky shack where we would have to dig through mucho snow to get in


and so…



We will stay here and see what comes.

We have registered ourselves with the Canadians Abroad service.
We are keeping in touch via email with friends and family.
We are sending love out to you all.


Take care of each other.


And, as always, go easy ~p


PS – sorry for the low quality pictures – our internet is sort of weak and spotty here.

One Comment on “Staying Put… for now

  1. “alongside” so describes where you are, what you feel, the sounds of life and the beauty of the world around you. Beautiful. Be safe, stay healthy and enjoy every moment. Looking forward to your return to the ‘shaky shack’ and mucho mucho snow.

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