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Hullo Sweeties.
I am curious – what do you listen to when you write, or paint, or clean out the cupboards?
Do you like sounds or silence?
I sometimes prefer silence, but I have come to love instrumental music or music sung in a language I can’t understand – like Latin 🙂 – so the words don’t slip into me.
I just spent some fun time creating a new playlist for the new book and I giggle because in the end, I actually chose two full albums instead of mix of this and that like I usually do.
I love that this is all the voices/sounds/creations of women.  Well, I’m not sure about who created the gong timer from Audio Dharma.
The meditation beginning and the dance breaks are new for me.
I will start working with this deliciousness on Monday when I head back into the work.
Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.
Go easy ~p
PS – Yes…. I know… I have been silent for a long long time.
I am beginning again — to write – and to come here to this place and send things forth.
I decided to just …. step back into the flow today with this tiny post.
Thank you for still being here with me, listening.