The Sounds of Writing…and other doings…

Hullo Sweeties.
I am curious – what do you listen to when you write, or paint, or clean out the cupboards?
Do you like sounds or silence?
I sometimes prefer silence, but I have come to love instrumental music or music sung in a language I can’t understand – like Latin 🙂 – so the words don’t slip into me.
I just spent some fun time creating a new playlist for the new book and I giggle because in the end, I actually chose two full albums instead of mix of this and that like I usually do.
I love that this is all the voices/sounds/creations of women.  Well, I’m not sure about who created the gong timer from Audio Dharma.
The meditation beginning and the dance breaks are new for me.
I will start working with this deliciousness on Monday when I head back into the work.
Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.
Go easy ~p
PS – Yes…. I know… I have been silent for a long long time.
I am beginning again — to write – and to come here to this place and send things forth.
I decided to just …. step back into the flow today with this tiny post.
Thank you for still being here with me, listening.

6 Comments on “The Sounds of Writing…and other doings…

  1. Dear Pam:
    Great questions! I work on the history of cafes and creativity and am also writing a novel. I like to combine research and writing while in cafes and absorbing the stimuli that both deepens and refreshes my imagination.

    • Nice! I like to write in cafe’s as well. I found that when I was working on particularly emotionally difficult scenes my first novel, I could more easily approach the uncomfortable when I was out in a cafe. It was….safer somehow. I wasn’t alone.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

      • Dear Pam:
        Fascinating. I have found the same thing in the aftermath of divorce.
        Do you think this is the result of the fact that cafe space often can combine both intimacy and publicity?

      • Mmmm… Yes. I think that is it. I can take a seat at a table with my back to the wall and though I may not interact with others, aside from the barista and a nod to familiar faces, the presence of others and the swirl of sounds and movement… soothe me. I am alone, with others.

        I like how you phrased it as combining intimacy (or perhaps solitude) with publicity (or perhaps even the camaraderie of strangers).

        —- ~ go easy ~


  2. Awesome question Pam.

    As a streaming music service listener I’ve become a passive music and news consumer.

    I never know the names of the artists or journalists that I’m listening to. This is most likely because I too wrapped in my process or my hands are too dirty to select “favourites” on my phone.

    My 2020 goal is to play closer attention to my artists’ names. Let’s call it “Spotify-shaming.”

    When I’m making pottery, each phase of the process tends to dictate my listening preferences.

    Wheel throwing is about creating form. It’s all about flow, rhythm & momentum. I like high energy and recognizable songs so that I can sing along. 70’s rock anthems and 80’s hip hop are my favourite genres for this.

    Trimming & tooling is a sculptural phase of potting where I add feet, lids and handles to the forms. To keep my ideas flowing and fresh I use research-driven schematic drawings that are both detailed and vague. For tooling I like to listen to engaging information that isn’t too distracting. Current Affairs podcasts are my pick for these.

    Glazing is a stressful combination of planning & creativity. I usually need to be present enough in the moment to remember glazing chemistry, count count glaze layers and document each process while being open to the opportunities that come from “accidents. To cultivate this spirit of structured openness in my studio, I like to listen to long form interviews with a broad range of individuals to keep me in the zone.

    Thanks for asking.

    • This is so fascinating, Joel. Thanks so much for your wonderfully thoughtful response and for the links!

      I have barely dipped my ears into Spotify and I will try to find those playslists 🙂
      I am such a newb/late adopter sometimes!

      The playlist I made is on my computer in itunes and I will transfer it to my ancient tiny ipod and hopefully to my phone, though that somehow seems more difficult. Gawd I feel so old sometimes when it takes me forever to figure out what I think should be so simple! LOL.

      I will mostly use the wee ipod, because I clip it to myself and will be able to get up and DANCE during the dance/prayer breaks. I could also just play it out loud, of course, but M is also working in the same house, so I like to keep my tunes on the headphones.

      I love the different sounds that you choose to accompany each phase of creation.
      It is so interesting to me what you choose for each phase.

      The sing along phase feels so wonderful and free and fun and makes me want to learn to throw pots!
      And then the differently focused work of tooling – I think I would love that too!
      I find myself surprised that long form interviews are your go to when you are doing the glazing. I am not sure why I am surprised. I tend to listen to things like this when I am doing things like, cleaning, washing dishes, walking, painting or working in the garden. I guess I associate them with things I don’t need to pay too close attention to? And the glazing feels like something I would have to pay deeeeeep attention to. Lol.

      I love the way you describe each phase as well.
      – The flow, rhythm and momentum of wheel throwing
      – the flowing and freshness needed for tooling
      – and the spirit of structured openness for glazing

      I feel these shifting rhythms as I write, too.
      When I am editing or revising, I sometimes choose songs that will give me the background/energy of support that I feel will help me with a particular scene or chapter. When I am in first draft mode, I guess I am creating a playlist that helps me stay in flow and maybe even helps me feel safe (writing can be scary for me).

      It will be interesting for me to see how adding specific times/sounds for an opening meditation, a dance break and a closing will feel and will affect my writing sessions.

      I have been using the same 2hour long playlist for writing for the past…. oh so many years.
      It is sort of… trancey and as soon as I hear the first strains of the first tune, I feel myself slip down a level.

      Here’s hoping this new playlist takes me into the flow and helps me stay there.

      Thanks again for reading and responding so thoughtfully to my curiosity.

      Take care, my friend.

      Go easy ~p

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Finding My Bearings Now

A post-dramatic approach to breast cancer

Starting Over

Because there's never enough time to do it right the first time but there's always enough time to do it over

Ailish Sinclair

Stories and photos from Scotland

Cathy Standiford

Historical fiction, poetry, essays

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