How Do We Show Ourselves That Our Desires Matter?

Hey Gang

I attended Jennifer Louden’s Masterclass last night.  It was great to see her so excited about sharing her thoughts on the top three hidden fears that keep us from doing our work in the world – the work we so deeply desire to do.

Jen gave us all a wonderful worksheet to fill in after the class in order to help us explore our own hidden fears and solidify some of the wise ways that she has discovered to deal with these fears and to begin to pursue the things we desire.

These desires run the gamut from:

  • that book we want to write
  • that clutter we want to banish
  • those scrapbooks we want to make for the Gran-babies

Whatever it is that falls into that place of:

I keep saying I want to do — but I never get around to it, or am entirely UNABLE to do it!

I love that she ended the worksheet with a challenge for us to share OUT LOUD what we will do this week to show ourselves that our desires matter.

Here’s what I’m gonna do.

This week, I will show myself that my desires matter by taking time each evening to do  the following:

  • Jen’s 90 second antidote to FEAR:
    • Calm my nervous system with a few long exhales (Calm)
    • Look around my environment and see that there is nothing here that can eat me (Come into this moment and see your Environment)
    • Ask myself who is having these thoughts that are scaring me/telling me my desires don’t matter (Witness)
    • Declare that I am doing this course and this project because I WANT TO. (Activate Desire)
    • Do the 5-4-3-2-1 countdown and then either do my next Simple Step or journal for 5 minutes about what it is I want to do next and then ADD these Simple Steps to my Todoist
  • And for deeper contemplation, on Friday evening,  I will do a 15 minute meditation wherein I use Vipassana to settle into my body and feel my body sensations and then open up to asking myself what it is I am truly seeking/why this project is so important to me/what I would like to do next.  And then write out anything that rises to the surface and then ADD the Simple Steps to my Todoist.
  • I will also post this on Facebook and Insta – to show myself that it MATTERS!


And hey – if you find this whole thing intriguing but weren’t able to come to the masterclass last night.  Here’s a link to the GSSD Masterclass REPLAY.


Go easy ~p

PS – Todoist is a new app I am trying out to keep track of … all the stuff I want/need to do each day.  I’ve used reminders and I always have my trusty Bullet Journal – but I wanted to give this app a try.

2 Comments on “How Do We Show Ourselves That Our Desires Matter?

  1. WOW! This sounds so …real…something everyone needs to do for oneself. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Hello hello, Dianne. Nice to see you here.
      Yes – these things are so simple and feel so good to do. I have to laugh at myself because I so often FORGET about doing them. LoL.

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