Why Bother? A Most Excellent Question!

Hey gang!

Hopping online because I am bursting to share this book with you.  In this time of uncertainty and stress, many of us are diving even deeper to our practices of self-reflection and this book has given me solace and challenged me to do some deep thinking about what I do and what I DESIRE to do in the world.

I just finished reading Jennifer Louden’s new book, Why Bother? Discover the Desire for What’s Next.

whybother_jenniferloudenYou know that feeling when you finish a book and your eyes are full of tears and your heart is entirely full of, “Yes.  Yes, I remember now.  Thank you for reminding me.”  That is what I feel right now.

I was given the great blessing of being able to read a copy of Why Bother before it is released to the public.  I am grateful and so honoured to join to the chorus of voices singing the praises of this book and of Jennifer’s work in the world.

  • For anyone who has ever passed through a time when their first thought on waking was, “How long until I can crawl back into bed?”
  • For the numb
  • For the sad
  • For the lonely
  • For those who despair ever being able to craft another book, story, poem, or song; to paint or snap another picture, to dance, or run, or take your next bloody breath without struggling
  • For the next time we lose our way
  • For all of us

This book is both good medicine and an excellent companion.

This book is so many precious things wrapped up in one beautiful, wise, package.

  • It is the heartwarming (and often heart-rending) story of Jen’s own journey thus far.
  • It is a well-drawn map to guide others out of the doldrums and back into the flow of life.
  • It is a poetic and practical How-To Manual with clear simple instructions and delicious prompts that guide us deep inside towards our own wisdom.
  • It is a book to be devoured and then to be returned to again and again to taste and work with as we need to.

But wait…there’s more!

There are also a ton of online resources included as links in the body of the book itself and a crazy heap of bonuses for those who pre-order.

Stuff like:

  • A FREE live online workshop with Jen on May 21, 2020
  • A FREE 5-day online live Why Bother training with Jen in July 2020
  • And immediate access to the first chapter of the book

The launch date for the book is April 21, 2020

You can find the info here: https://jenniferlouden.com/why-bother/

One Comment on “Why Bother? A Most Excellent Question!

  1. Dear Pam:
    Has this book (and reviewing it) provided some new ideas for your own writing? I certainly hope you publish or post this review.
    Take care.
    Sincerely, Scott

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