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Why Bother? A Most Excellent Question!

You know that feeling when you finish a book and your eyes are full of tears and your heart is entirely full of, “Yes.  Yes, I remember now.  Thank you for reminding me.”  That is what I feel right now.

the gift of Bean…and others…

Mostly Happy Cover

Sending out wishes for Happy Holidays to one and all and… here’s something lovely that warms my heart. Five novels are on sale this week over at Thistledown Press and sweet Bean is included in the mix. Tis an honour to be keeping company… Continue Reading “the gift of Bean…and others…”

A New Vampire Librarian? Yes please…

The fabulous Arthur Slade is launching a spooky new book today and you can get a copy (ebook) for 99 cents!!!! Yay!

Riding the Rails West…

Wherein Pam writes while riding the rails West toward St Peter’s Abbey and the beginning of yet ANOTHER reVision of her novel Sanctuary…. With some AWESOME writing quotes and entirely entertaining videos.

Women Who Kick #4 – Joan Foster (Lady Oracle)

Lady Oracle by Margaret Atwood Shit. I’d danced right through the broken glass, in my bare feet too. Some butterfly. I limped into the main room, trailing bloody footprints and looking for a towel. I washed my feet in the bathtub, the soles looked… Continue Reading “Women Who Kick #4 – Joan Foster (Lady Oracle)”

Women Who Kick #3: Kate Daniels (Magic Burns)

“When not sure where to go, barrel forward on pure determination.” -Kate Daniels One more tasty tasty treat for the 2013 Feminist Reads Challenge hosted by Sara over at The Hiding Spot to finish off my January reads. Fun fun fun. Magic Burns by… Continue Reading “Women Who Kick #3: Kate Daniels (Magic Burns)”

Women Who Kick #2: Zira (Daughter of the Flames)

Hey…. lookee here… I just figured out how to share my GoodReads reviews on here.  Without having to … reinvent them.  Woot woot. Continuing on with the 2013 Feminist Reads Challenge – hosted by Sarah over at The Hiding Spot, this one comes to… Continue Reading “Women Who Kick #2: Zira (Daughter of the Flames)”

Women Who Kick – first up – LEMON

Lemon will break your heart. I love this girl. I KNOW this girl. I heard an interview with Cordelia Strube on CBC radio and ran to my techno-gizmo to put a hold on the ebook at the library. Glad I did! I hereby declare… Continue Reading “Women Who Kick – first up – LEMON”

2013 Feminist Reads Challenge

Halloo Hallay! There is a challenge underway! I’m signing on to do The 2013 Feminist Reads Challenge with Sara over at The Hiding Spot. First off – she has an awesome blog. How can I resist a blog that says books are the best… Continue Reading “2013 Feminist Reads Challenge”

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