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Lemon CoverLemon will break your heart.
I love this girl.
I KNOW this girl.

I heard an interview with Cordelia Strube on CBC radio and ran to my techno-gizmo to put a hold on the ebook at the library.

Glad I did!

I hereby declare LEMON the first book of my 2013 Feminist Reads Challenge – hosted by Sara over at  The Hiding Spot.

Lemon is a wise-cracking, snarky smart girl who is incredibly lonely underneath it all.  As with most smart-arsed teenagers, she took a while to grow on me.

As I began to read the book, it felt like she was just sort of shambling around.  Rambling around, being smart, knowing stuff, observing the world.  A well read, but slightly annoying kid who has taken some time to really THINK about things.  Politics.  The state of the world. Humans.

Couldn’t help but think back to that other roaming, rambling, shambling teenster — Holden Caulfield.

They are both worth spending time with.

I’ve read a few reviews on Good Reads that have trouble believing that so many “horrible things” could happen to one teen-aged girl.  The old “It’s just not very realistic” thing.

They are so lucky, aren’t they?  Those reviewers.
To live in a world where the things that happen to Lemon and her friends are “just plain UNbelievable.”  Lucky lucky them.

Did that sound snarky?

Yeah well.  I used to be a smart-arsed teen and now I’m a snarky old broad.

All I mean to say is… I do think these things happen.  To more of us than… well…

They happen.

‘Nuff said.

I shan’t go on about the book.  You can find blurbs hither and yon.
Let me just say, Lemon will stick with me.
In a good way.

I like to envision her and Treeboy traipsing around the world with their backpacks on.

Yeah.  That’s cool.
Go Lemon!

Cordelia Strube, Alexander MacLeod

I’m going to seek out some more of Cornelia Strube’s work.
She tickles my fancy.

And for my own work, I take the following from this read:
Do not flinch.
Tell it true.

Thank you Cornelia Strube for sharing Lemon with us.

Go easy -p