Shake and Bake 17: The Que Sera Sera Edition

Take it in Stride - the road.

shake it bake it

There’s a new Assistant Librarian in town… and it ain’t me.

Yep… I did indeed apply for a job at the library last week.  I had a wonderful interview but, sadly, I was not chosen.


The hours would have folded in nicely with my writing schedule and hey — who DOESN’T want to work in a library, right?

So… I’m a bit sad about it, but I’m also… surprisingly OK about it.  Something will come up.  Always does.  And for now — I’m full steam ahead on the NIP and we’ve plenty of food and wood and … all is well.

Time for the Saturday Chicken/Check-in Ritual.

The Quick Chicken (The Doings that help me with the Being):

 XXXXX (Mon-Fri)

Walks: X             (i) true WALK + much wood carrying, shoveling and water pumping.

Guitar: 0             *woeFULLness*

Yoga/Meditation: 0 on the yoga XXXXX on the Meditation

Work on NIP: ***** *YeeHAW*


THE RESULT: Twas a curious curious week.  And I enjoyed it.

This is good.

And…the rest of the week…


shake •    The feeling of being “behind” persists.
•    The desire to “get ‘er done” by Friday night and open the weekEND for… other things.  Things like reading and napping and playing draw draw.
•    Wanting to Draw some things, create some things for blog.
•    Wanting shorter, more frequent posts
•    too many books out from the library – I’m fast… but not THAT fast.
•    I was nervous about the interview and the entire idea of another new jobjob.
•    Noticing a craving for a trip south to sit in cafes and eat dimsum and go a museum, an art gallery and see a show and… so on.
•    Hmmm…



•    I do LOVE my life right now.  I truly do.  Yessss.  The mornings especially.  Writing Hours AHHHHHHH! I do wonder if I will find a way to KEEP it pretty much just as it is. HOPE SO.
•    The weekly review of the SCRIB is a good GOOD thing.  Again, I pulled stuff out and filed it various places.  It took me about an hour this week.  Not bad.
•    The WALK around the island – oooooh so good.  More please.
•    Getting a FEW more posts in here.
•    Reading reading reading is grand. Read Nevermore (Gaiman), Lemon (Strube) and started Daughter of the Flame (Marriott).  YUM.
•    THE BEST thing was Sleeping right through a night.  6 – 7 hours straight with no wake up feels AWESOME..

The thing to BAKE IN is… It’s all Happening… as it “should”

I’ve noticed that my fellow 3dayers are on pins and needles waiting for a response from the judges.  Me?   I never think about it. Not this year.  Interesting, non?

I don’t think about the 3day at all until I pop onto the Forum to check in with my cohorts (who I DO think about).  Then what I start to think about is….What  will I do THIS YEAR…. heh heh. Action? Poetic Fancy?  Who knows.

I think part of it is that last years entry was so… wild and wooly… I don’t really think it stands a chance.  Another part is that I’m just so caught up in the NIP that I don’t think about Finnegan.  I can only hold one thing in my brain and heart at a time.  So all my other …. projects… are way way way in my back brain as I wrestle with Izzy and the gang.

There will be time for all of them.  I hope.

I’ve also noticed something gurgling around… POSTS to the blog.

I long for more frequent posts.  But I haven’t found my way to them … yet.

I have begun writing them in my head as I walk, or do the dishes or… whatever.

It reminds me of a thing I used to do in Saskatoon.  I would walk by the river and run short stories in my head and then… never write them down.

I finally DID write one and it started with “Prissy Fallwell smoked Players Plain, played Crib for money and drank Wild Turkey between men.”

It began as a story and it became a book.

What am I babbling about?

Just… Things are moving.  It’s all good.  The universe of Pam is unfolding as it should.


Honestly woman… sit and plunk.  FOCUS on it.  You can find the way in.

And for some company on a cool winter’s day…
Here’s a little funky/bluesy/beautiful thing to let flow on over you.
It’s Corinne Bailey Rae – doing a wild version of Que Sera Sera at Glastonbury in 2010.

Be cool – but never cold.

And, as always…

go easy -p

2 Comments on “Shake and Bake 17: The Que Sera Sera Edition

  1. Hi Pam, these weekly check-ins are great! It must be useful to stop and see what worked, what didn’t and where you want to go.
    How I love libraries too. My library was asking for volunteers to choose, deliver & return books to housebound people. I fear if I did this I’d add more guilt & pressure to my life as I can’t even return my own books on time!

    • Hey Ikigaigirl – thanks for stopping by and for the lovely comment. Some weeks I think “what the HECK am I doing this for?” but I feel like it is doing something good and useful for me, so I’ve vowed (to myself) to keep on for at least 52 Chickens 😉

      I so know what you mean about piling more guilt and pressure. I have to keep a firm grip on taking on too many things at once. I lean that way, too.

      Here’s to finding our way through it all.

      go easy ~p

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