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Halloo Hallay! There is a challenge underway!

2013 Feminist Reads ChallengeI’m signing on to do The 2013 Feminist Reads Challenge with Sara over at The Hiding Spot.

First off – she has an awesome blog.
How can I resist a blog that says books are the best hiding place she has ever found?
I can’t.
No way.

Secondly – It’s a cool challenge.

She says that she likes to read:

…about girls and women that are capable of kicking butt and taking names. I’m not just talking about the girls out there who are physically able to do this, but about the girls who have the tenacity and courage to rise and reach and grow, no matter the life they’ve been born into, forced into, or ended up in by some unfortunate turn of events.

I love those stories too – so I’m jumping aboard.

There are three levels of play:

  1. Easy: 5 books
  2. Medium: 5-10 books
  3. Hard: 10+ books

I’m going HARD.
What else is new?

Wanna jump aboard?

Pop over HERE to get the skinny on the challenge (and how to sign up).
She also has some lists of books to check out.

And hey…
Drop a comment below to let me know you are playing.
Maybe we can talk about the books we are reading.

I haven’t made up any sort of “LIST” for the challenge.
I think I’ll just see what unfolds.
And perhaps just see which of the books I read this year might:

… encourage and support strength, independence, individuality, and passion in women of all ages…

Right now, the pile by my bed is:
Lady Oracle by Margaret Atwood
Lemon by Cordelia Strube (ebook)
Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman (ebook)

and the audio for:
The Dangerous Old Woman by Clarissa Pinkola Estés

What’s in your pile?

go easy -p