Shake and Bake 15: The one where it all shifts

If you have yet to be called an incorrigible, defiant woman,
don’t worry, there is still time.

– Clarissa Pinkola Estes (Women Who Run with the Wolves)

Hullo, my pretties.
Here we are in the second week of January all ready.

I’ve decided to shake things up a bit.

Here’s the thing…
I totally crashed and burned with my idea of “reviewing the year” by reading though last year’s SCRIB.

PASSI still might do it, but I simply canna take the PRESSURE of thinking I NEED to do it before I can move into this new year…. properly… all wised up and whatnot. so… I hereby give myself a PASS on that. I drop it. I let it go. I did a short personal review of my year and I have drawn a line under it.

So let it be written.
So let it be done.

HOWEVER…I was finding all sorts of tasty treats in amongst the moaning about my ugly hair and whatnots.

AND… I am quite enjoying finding ways of doing more that one thing at once and thereby making things less…onerous.

So I’ve decided to try a new lil weekly ritual.

I will take the time each Friday to look through the SCRIB and transfer any pertinent bits to Tippy the Typer for ease of .. searching and finding… and also to find the THING THAT WANTS STICKING. Meaning the thing I truly do want to hold on to, think about some more, put into practice, pass along… whatevs.

I do have fun with the Chickeneers! over at The Fluent Self, so I will continue doing my friday chickens over there. Do come over and check it out. And check out Havi’s whole site. It’s very friendly and wise and … there’s a DUCK.

The Saturday Shake and Bakes will … find a new form.
Not sure what it will be… but there is something about doing them that appeals to me and so… I shall continue.

Maybe I’ll talk about writing more.
Maybe I won’t.

I still like…

The Quick Chicken (The Doings that help me with the Being):

Walks: Some walking, some shovelling, and even a skate. Not everyday though.

Yoga/Meditation: Delish. Oh this is a double plus good thing. It feels so good on the ole bod AND it feeds the writing. Helps me enter the ZONE for the writing hours.

Guitar: Whaaa whaaa whaaa! *she wails* Pree is pouting in the corner. Why can I NOT find the time??? please send wishes for … a way to find my way to playing daily. I will NEVER learn at this rate!

Work on NIP: Oh my dears, it was a fantastic week work wise. I am back in the writing groove and having such a good time. Making all kinds of discoveries along the way and feeling like the story is truly barrelling ahead. This week, I finally thought, “Yes. I WILL finish this book. I can see a first draft looooooming.” Will I be able to get to a first draft in one more month? Or two? We will see. We will see.

And the WEEKLY EXPERIMENT/FUN Filled Activity:


I aimed to continue with my review of the SCRIB 2012 and see what I learn. AND….
To get back on track with the ole sched-doolie.

As stated – EPIC FAIL on the review front… stopped at April… but still learned stuff… yeah that’s it.

I did get pretty much back on schedule though with the rising early and working and whatnot.



I shall seek music.Let us see where I find it.

And??? Anything Else You would like to say this week?


As I have just made the decision that I will review the SCRIB each week – I haven’t done it yet *she grins* And as the carpet needs a going over, and the dishes need some washing and …. so on and so on…. I shall do the review later today. I will aim for FRIDAY next week.

But…. here is a THING THAT WANTS STICKING from a set of CD’s I’ve been listening to.

I recently bought myself a copy of The Dangerous Old Woman (Parts One and Two) by Clarissa Pinkola Estes.

I love her book Women Who Run With Wolves, and I’ve been eyeing up these these CDs for a long while. Sounds True put them on MASSIVE SALE (75% off) and I went for it. Thank ye, thank ye oh wise recording folk.

I imagine that I will weep through many of the sessions. She gets to me with her talk of the Tribe of the Sacred Heart, and my own membership in the Scar Clan.

And this… well this I simply have to share with you…
For my desire is to become one of these dangerous old women, and I believe that many of you are on the same path – both women and men…

I believe that we are all growing our way into becoming Dangerous in the way Estes speaks of it.

Dangerous does not mean someone who insults others or tells brutal truths because truths must be told… I began this work understanding the word danger in its oldest form… long ago it meant to protect. That literally you would say,
‘You! Stand in my danger.
You stand in the aura surrounding me.That is funded by my heart, my soul and my spirit, which says that certain things of this earth are so precious that they can never be allowed to be harmed or vanish from the face of this earth.
You, stand in my danger because I will protect, I will help, I will create, I will defend, I will unleash, I will hold back, I will restrain, I will open up, I will carve doors in walls.
You stand in my danger.’

The Dangerous Old Woman is the protectoress, She is La Conquista. She is the one who looks after, takes care of those who have been conquered. She is the one who raises them back up again. -Clarissa Pinkola Estes

The Dangerous Old Woman mends things.
She preserves that which must not perish from this earth.

The Dangerous Old Woman does tell the truth.

And most of all – The Dangerous Old Woman is unpredictable. They are completely RELIABLE, but they are unpredictable.

Let us think on that one awhile.  The beauty and goodness of being… unpredictable.

It reminds of the words that grace the cover of my Current SCRIBble book.

my current scribblebook
My current SCRIBble Book

Estes, Julia Cameron and others have this exercise where you sit down and write down all all the eccentricities you’ve ever been accused of since childhood. And then sit with them — and see that these are your gifts.

If you can’t see them as a gift, at first, think awhile and turn the negative to positive.

We are dangerous, my friends.
Especially when we are paying attention.

You.  Stand in my danger.

go easy -p

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Because there's never enough time to do it right the first time but there's always enough time to do it over

Ailish Sinclair

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Starting Over

Because there's never enough time to do it right the first time but there's always enough time to do it over

Ailish Sinclair

Stories and photos from Scotland

Cathy Standiford

Historical fiction, poetry, essays

Keeping the Dream

The Healing Journey and Covert Abuse

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