Creative Spaces – My Studio Trailer ReVAMP

The Trailer Studio has begun it’s evolution!

BEFORE – the door…Which remains basically the same — so far
AFTER – The door (open) with the new magic screen
BEFORE - the view from the door
BEFORE – the view from the door
BEFORE – The Loft…
AFTER - The Loft
AFTER – The Loft…
BEFORE – The Loft’s South window…
AFTER – The loft’s South window
AFTER – Lofty Shelf with books
AFTER – Lofty Shelf with Candles Birds and Dragon
AFTER – Lofty Shelf View from lounging position….
BEFORE - The view from the loft
BEFORE – The view from the loft

AFTER - The view from the loft
AFTER – The view from the loft
AFTER - Another view from the Loft
AFTER – Another view from the Loft
BEFORE – Sink and Stove
AFTER – Stove becomes an Altar
AFTER – Altar close-up – with funky magnifier shot
and yes… So it goes…
One Happy Camper!
And now… Back to work!

20 Comments on “Creative Spaces – My Studio Trailer ReVAMP

  1. Hey Tracy – thanks for popping over. The toes match the floor! Heh heh.

    And as a bonus… It’s a lovely place to share a glass of wine with a pal. C’mon over!

  2. Oh, WOW! To know that you have a place of retreat must be an incredible feeling. And one that has been so lovingly restored (with no small amount of elbow grease, no doubt.) I love the look and feel of it. I’d be totally comfy here! Is that a Bach Flower Remedy chart I spy near the sink?

    • Hey Jacqueline
      I really am loving it. A few more things to do….but I imagine there will always be more to do 😉
      The drawing on the bulletin board is actually a chart of…. correspondences… The seasons, directions, elements and whatnot.

      Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

      Go easy ~ p

    • Thanks Hols
      You’ll have to stop by for a glass of wine next time you’re on the Bay!

  3. Awesome writing nook! I bet you’re just itching to get out there for three days straight! I know I would… 🙂

    • You KNOW it! Heh heh. I actually wrote out here for last year’s 3 Day Novel Contest. We got it placed just in time. It will be much… swankier this year though.

  4. Love what you’ve done with the camper, its bright and cheerful and surely a place that will foster inspiration.
    Really like that see through door canopy too!

    • Hey Lyn – thanks for popping by. I LURVE my studio…now if only i could work in there YEAR ROUND. There is a propane heater in it, but we haven’t tried it out yet. Maybe in the spring.

      Right now the trailer is almost BURIED under snow.

      Have a great weekend ~p

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