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Hullo Sweeties
Today's fun included doing some cleaning up out in the Writing Burrow and rehanging the curtain in my "bunky office."

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When I live in cities, I spend a lot of time writing in coffee shops, art galleries, museums and parks. Here on The Bay, I work mostly at home. During the 3 Day Novel Contest, I mostly work out in the Writing the Burrow, but I like having options.

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My fellow 3 Dayers work…all over the place – hotels, motels, cabins in the woods, at libraries, in their offices at work, barricaded at home…the possibilities are endless.

Oooh…. just got an alert that we’ve got a major thunderstorm warning round these parts, so I’d best get meself off-line before we lose power or somesuch. But before I trundle off, here’s some linky goodness gleaned from today’s 3DNC Newsletter… Some strategies on “Finishing That Bloody Novel!

Maybe something here will help me finish up Sanctuary when I get back to it. I WILL get back to it. One of these days.

For today, some space prepping and a little more work on the short long-distance story will suffice.

Happy scribbling.

Go easy~p