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Shake and Bake 84: Bringing on the RAIN

Moving from a focus on Work and outward expression into a focus on inner work. de-cluttering Feelings/Emotions…. singing and dancing in the R.A.I.N.

Shake and Bake 83: Hearthurt but oh such joys…. blooming everywhere

… wherein Pam rebels from the very concept of de-cluttering and sings the praises of baking a nice spicy loaf of LOVE.

Shake and Bake 82: Clutteriouser and Clutteriouser

A quick check-in on the ClutterFront and a call out to the universe…. from the 70s.

Shake and Bake 81: New Calming Moon New Calming Practice?

Wherein Pam welcomes the New Moon of July and kicks off her new plan of using the elements to deepen her practices/habits. This months focus – de-cluttering. (YERP!)

Nothing Without Us and Nothing Without Us Too

Multi-genre collections of stories where we are the heroes and the stars!

The Republic of Poetry

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