Shake and Bake 82: Clutteriouser and Clutteriouser

Shake and Bakes are my quarterly check-ins (CHICKENS!). I use these posts to … shake out the happenings of my work and my  life in general in an attempt to Shake off the bad and Bake in the good. It’s about … gratitude, paying attention and living by the moon. Much thanks to HAVI over at the Fluent Self for inspiration and to APRIL at Big Sky Astrology for her monthly Working with the Moon booklets.

~~o~~ 1st Quarter Moon of Calming ~~o~~

Hullo Sweeties….

Popping online for a quick chicken (check in) on the de-cluttering front.

Week ONE – Θ (theta) earth – home – touch – body

Focussed on the doing:

Well….. not much done, I must confess.

I did manage a clutter blitz out on the porch before we got the plexi-glass in.  A bag to the dump and a box of treasures to store for a time and re-look at.

I also have a very quick tidy-up worked into my evening routine that includes clearing off the kitchen table and the big table out on the porch each evening.  I see now that this helps keep the clutter down – especially on the porch.  If I clear it every night, we don’t just keep ADDING stuff to the pile.  I know this must seem so basic to some of you, but for me… it’s a freaking A-HA moment (heh heh).

And today I FINALLY did a 10 minute timed de-clutter of a wee area.  Feels pretty good.

Let us shake off the “not enough done” and bake in this idea of de-cluttering as an ongoing process!

I plan to continue working on the physical clutter each day with the recommended 10 minute sessions in order to build the habit into myself,

Still to come – another blitzing of those big book shelves to put up the curtains, but the key (for me) will really be beginning this 10 minute practice, and to ENJOY the wee spaces that I am clearing.

Wish me luck!


Moving into….

Week TWO – Φ (phi) air – relationships – scent – mind

1st Quarter to Full Moon (July 12)

The Very Large Array - taken on a road trip to New Mexico with that cute red-headed gal
The Very Large Array – taken on a road trip to New Mexico with that cute red-headed gal
  • Focus on the thoughts that rise up as I continue working with the de-cluttering.
  • And also on … incoming information – be it online or off.  How much am I trying to cram into my wee brain?  Can I let go of some of it?
  • And…. notice how this de-cluttering practice effects or begins to express itself in my relationships.
    • I’m thinking that it will be a positive thing to be de-cluttering our wee home (we’ll see).
    • And, just now, I see that part of this could be to clear out or disengage from time sucking online activities in order to focus more on actual… relationships.  I THINK I’m doing OK in that area, but this will be a good week to become aware of that sort of thing.  Like instead of playing a game online, I should go  and visit some beautiful bloggers I haven’t popped in on for a while.  Yeah!


Okey Dokey.

That’s it for me today.

And just because looking at the photo of the Very Large Array makes me think not only of INCOMING signals but also of the movie Contact…. here’s an oldie for you to groove to….

Go easy ~p

2 Comments on “Shake and Bake 82: Clutteriouser and Clutteriouser

  1. Decluttering has always been a problem for me as well. I clean it bu I can’t keep it that way! Today I notice as I was cleaning how much stuff is around taking up space that we don’t need. I see a hue garage sale in the near future. Good luck. I think that fact that you have awareness of the problem will keep you on track!

    • Hey Diane – oh that is SO familiar to me 🙂 May your garage sale be huge and successful.

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