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Shake and Bakes are my quarterly check-ins (CHICKENS!). They used to be weekly – but this year they are happening in line with the moon. I use these posts to … shake out the happenings of my work and my  life in general in an attempt to Shake of the bad and Bake in the good. It’s about … gratitude, paying attention and now..living by the moon.

~~o~~ PIKE Moon – 1st Quarter ~~o~~

Northern Pike – by Pia Ravenari (Click pic to go to her DeviantArt profile)

I’m rolling in a bit behind schedule… should’ve done this post yesterday – but I got all busy with prep for the upcoming Pike Derby.

Yes, m’dears, it’s true.  I’m headed out tomorrow for a day on the ice with my fabulous Fishing Mentor, Diana, and we do indeed hope to catch “the big one!”

It is a new thing for me – the fishing.  I find myself happy to be in Diana’s company out in the world.  I also find myself incredibly happy to be able to bring home food to feed my family.  I garden… and now I fish.  It’s a brave new world.

I was vegetarian for a long while and I still lean towards a plant based diet.  But there is something about learning this skill that is feeding something deep within.  And I do think it is about being able to… provide… for my family.  For myself and the Raggedy Man.

I am grateful to my teacher and to the fish who come to me.

I am looking very much forward to the derby.  To the companionship of the day and to the challenge of luring in a wily old pike… to win riches… for there ARE riches to be won.  And I would also like to provide SOME CASH for my family.

So… wish us luck if you can.


Let’s shake out the last few days…

 Reviewing my Intentions for the New Moon

  • Θ Earth
    Grounding – is taking the form of very basic and specific small steps forward as far as the WORK is concerned. These are feeling good. But I will admit there have been a few days of MISERY along the way.  Tiny steps are hard when I want to LEAP ahead.
  • Φ Air
    The Deep breathes of clarity – are indeed helping.  Earlier in the week – the work was of the wild chaotic sort… and then settled into attempts to answer specific questions and now… now I am really breaking things apart… event by event and laying it all out to peruse.  And… I think this allowing air and space that is much needed.
  • Χ Fire
    As for trusting the flame… working on it.  I do see sparks… I do.  And I will tend them.
  • Ξ Water
    Eyes focused below the water.  I am chasing the big fish – and I am also noticing the beauty of the small ones.
  • Ψ Spirit
    Shaky in the silence this week.  Running for input input input… running from silence again.  I see it.  I can shift it.


Shaking off The Hard

  • Θ
    The weight of this bulk of words that… overwhelms me.  Until I remember that I need only take tiny bites.
  • Φ
    Easily winded this week.  In life and while working.
  • Χ
    Cold chills… cold days… longing for heat.
  • Ξ 
    Lack of flow continues work wise – but… but… not EVERY day.
  • Ψ
    Still finding the big picture RATHAW fuzzy as far as the book goes.  But I think it is coming into focus.

Baking in The GOOD

  • Θ
    Found something solid in the book – foundation wise – and can work towards strengthening it.
  • Φ
    The seemingly tedious work I’ve been doing today is opening up space and allowing me to see the air around the events of the story.  This probably sounds mad – but it is helping me find… the pattern… the road through…
  • Χ
    Yes. Sparks. Thanking the story gods for the sparks.
  • Ξ 
    Water flowing under ice. Pockets of air. Shadows glimpsed.
  • Ψ
    I can see that I so easily slip into Misery when the work is not going well.  It isn’t even that the work is not going well. It is when I … run away from the work.

      • What truly needs baking in is… THE MISERY IS JUST PART OF THE DEAL – it is part of the creation.  It is something to be worked through.  And the only way through is – TO WORK. 
    • I know this, of course – but on and on and on and over and over I must re learn it.


Thanks for popping by.

Go easy ~p