“Claim your space. Draw a circle of light around it. Push back against the dark. Don’t just survive. Celebrate.”

Charles Frazier

Working from this inspiration this morning, I realized (again) that this is what I do each day in The Scrib.

This practice of writing each morning has saved my life.  I know this.

But I don’t often CELEBRATE it.

Or even acknowledge how important it is.  In fact, I often denigrate it.  Thinking that if only I worked 1/2 as many hours a week on “real writing work” I would be … what?  So much farther …AHEAD?

Ahead of what?

Things I ponder.

Happy scribbling, all.

go easy ~p


Charles Frazier: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7130.Charles_Frazier

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