Shake and Bakes are my quarterly life/work check-ins (CHICKENS!) It’s my way of shaking off the “bad” and baking in the “good” It’s about gratitude, paying attention and living by the moon. Much thanks to HAVI over at the Fluent Self for inspiration and to APRIL at Big Sky Astrology for her monthly Working with the Moon booklets.

~~o~~ New Berry Ripe Moon ~~o~~

Yes indeedy…. we are in another moon… They swing by me so fast these days that I can’t seem to keep up out here in blogland.

raspberries-blueberriesShe graced our skies on Saturday July 26th and I just have to call her Berry Ripe moon this year.  The raspberries and blueberries and serviceberries (Saskatoons / Sugar Plums) are full and some are so ripe and luscious already that my walks have taken on a tasty joy.

I’m also keeping my eye on a new discovery – hazelnuts.  Some friends from round the bay took me on a wee medicine walk on Sunday and showed me, not only some wonderful berry picking spots, but also what ripening hazelnuts look like.  They are all over…. up the lane, over the hill….. who knew.

This land holds such bounty.  The desire to learn more about the local plants is strong.  Eyes peeled for opportunities to learn more about Wild Foraging and medicines.

On we go…


August’s Moon is known as:

Sturgeon Moon (Algonquin)
Dispute Moon (Celtic)
Grain Moon (English)
Corn Moon (Medieval England)
Wyrt Moon  (Wiccan)
Lightning Moon  (Neo-Pagan)
Dog Days Moon (Colonial America)
Fruit Moon (Cherokee)
Woman’s Moon  (Choctaw)


Animal Visits:

The fox is back making visits to us in the early morning.

And there is a lovely heron on the river.  She flew by a few times last week and I hope to see her again.


New Moon Intention:

I’ve a simple and yet incredibly complicated intention for this moon.  It is to … let go of expectations.

The module for August over on Sea Change is Toss Your Expectations into the Ocean.  As Leo so eloquently puts it….

Our frustrations, anger, sadness, outrage, stress, being offended by what other people do …pretty much all of it comes from our expectations … and when things (inevitably) don’t turn out as we expect, from wishing things were different.


Imagine then, if we could toss these expectation in the ocean and let them drift away.  If we could live in the moment, as it is – not as we oh so wish it was.

Hear that echo?  AS IT IS….AS IT IS…. yup I’ve been working on this one for a while.

Leo calls this an “advanced” habit – and I see why.  This is… THAT THING I have working towards/at/on for a good long while but have not expressed in quite the clear, well thought out, way that he has.  Again he has nailed an excellent description of one of my desired life practices.  AND he has laid out a clear clear plan for us to follow.

So clear is his plan that I intend to stick hard to it.  To follow his directions and not get side-tracked with my own ideas of …. moony energies or elemental areas of focus… for this month.

Let’s face it – the dude has been working on these habits for a long time and he has an approach that is gentle and yet challenging and, most of all, he knows WHAT WORKS.  I’m all in.

I’m really looking forward to this month.

Thanks for stopping by.

Go easy ~p