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Woke with THE FEARS this morning.

The fear I get when I don’t think I’m “working hard enough”.

Things are actually going quite well, but had a few days this week where I slipped off my newISH “1000 wds per day” rule.

We are doing more insulating on the shack and the kitchen ceiling which we thought would take 2 hours took 6 and then… well… It’s what it always is… just life innit?

But today is another day….
And another chance to begin again.

Seems like all week I’ve been tripping over pieces about DEALS we writers make with ourselves to keep ourselves at it.

Sipping tea and spiralling down my newest favourite bunny hole over on Susan Swan’s Blog – I read about how she originally made a deal with herself to sit for four hours at her desk and work – writing, researching, thinking about what she was writing. She went so far as to have a sheet where she signed herself in and out. EVENTUALLY the four hours became part of her every day routine.

I pick up a copy of O Magazine in the waiting room at the doctor’s office the other day and read a piece by Aimee Bender.
called Why the Best Way to Get Creative Is to Make Some Rules wherein she lays out how she has been faithful to her two-hours-a-day writing routine every morning, five or six days per week, for almost 17 years.

And the most fascinating part of this, for me, is that she STOPS at the 2 hour mark. Even if she is on a roll.

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She holds the 2 hours sacred.
She holds herself to the rigid time structure as a way to FREE herself.
You have to read the article to really get it – but what I love is that she has found a way to make… “a declaration against the regular dread I used to feel all the time when I wasn’t writing.”

She found her way to overcome THE FEARS.

That is exactly what I’m aiming for.

Words or Hours… a Writer’s Contract with myself feels to be just what the Doctor ordered.

How was your week – writing wise?
Do you have a routine?
A schedule?
Or do you wing it?

Thanks for stopping by.

Here’s a smile before you go.
Remember Fraggle Rock?

Here’s Ben Folds Five and the Fraggles – rockin’ out with DO IT ANYWAY

Go easy -p